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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Record Keeping

 We're at auction the other day and we had already bought one unit for $130, (and recovered our money just in a few small pieces of gold and silver),

 so we were feeling pretty ready to buy at the next facility (it was a caravan auction).

The door rolls open and we see this:

Who could pass up all of those records?  We've had a great deal of success in the past with records, both at our garage sales and with a few very good record stores and wholesalers in the area so we jumped on it.  I (Rebecca) immediately wanted to open with a $200 bid,  Brian wanted to start low at $50 and I think we both bid at the same time (first time that's ever happened, I think) so we ended up somewhere in the middle.  It went well over $200 though (I knew it would)  and things were slowing down around $300 when one of our competitors decided he would take it all the way up to $400.

We had previously agreed that $400-600 was going to be our stopping point, and I felt confident that we could get it for $400-500, so we were totally okay with going to $425 and that's where the bidding stopped.

Even if we sell each record at 25 cents a piece, we'll make our money back-- there are well over 1500 records, perhaps even as many as 2500.  That's yet to be determined.  There were about 5 large boxes,  6 medium boxes, 7 small boxes, as well as approximately 7 sterilite tubs (the long ones).

There's really no digging to be done on this unit, but we will tell you that a lot of the albums are older, many are shrink-wrapped, and a lot of of Louisiana bands (many are promo copies from before they were famous) so that's pretty interesting and a good sign.   So far, no rock, just jazz and classical, but we've got plenty to go through.  The owner was a dedicated collector, so they are all in alphabetical order by genre.  The boxes are even labelled for us!

 It's not as good of a buy as it would have been at $200, and there PROBABLY aren't any rare Beatles or Elvis, but it's definitely still a great buy and we're excited we have it!  We'll keep you updated.

And on the way out of the facility,  THIS happened:

Never a dull moment!

Until next time,

We bring the FUN to AUCTION!

-Storage Heroes


  1. This is a great idea. I actually never thought of going to a public storage auction. I wonder if the public storage in Houston has any auctions. I think this might be the perfect way to fill up my uncle's store of knick knacks.

  2. I loved your idea of buying stuff from storage unit auctions and I believe that contacting Self storage software companies for this auction purpose is a better idea.



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