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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

StorageTreasures Video Shoot - Behind the Scenes!

Hey everyone,

Rebecca here! Awhile back we flew to California and spent a few days there because we were working on a "project" -- we didn't say much or share much because we didn't want to blow the surprise, but we can now say that we were working on a series of training videos for that is going to be out of this world amazing.  And we're not just saying that because we're in it!    There were a lot of great people involved (including a few Storage Wars cast members) and even WE learned something, and we're pros-- so we know the training video will be helpful to absolutely everyone who watches it, regardless of their level of expertise.  We're super excited and the video should come out in just a few days-- (Update:  They've now been up now since October 1st)  so we can now share with you just a few of the behind-the-scenes details.

First of all, for the rest of our California trip pictures, you can read THIS blog:

Now, onto the shoot.  The very first thing I had to do was stop at El Pollo Loco-- who can blame me, that place rocks?   Brian was nice enough to be patient enough while I ordered every single thing on the menu.

Finally getting to meet Quart Doodle was quite the experience!  I had heard so much about him--  he's a lot bigger in person than I expected!    Perhaps he really IS more than a quarter "real dog".

Brian and Quart got along famously, but it might have something to do with the fact that Brian always had a sandwich in his hand.

"No, Quart... I eat 82 sandwiches a day-- I need every one of them--  you cannot have this one."

Thanks to I know where to find auctions!  This sign totally confirms that!

I also <3 Storage Outlet Fullerton - and I don't need a reason why.
 That is a very good looking mascot though!   Almost as cute as Quart.

 Now for a hilarious story--  Quart ADORES his Mommy Leslie-- so when she's around, he will do absolutely ANYTHING to be near her.  If she's not around, he will pine for her for a period of time and then eventually settle on his next favorite place-- inside a storage unit!   You'd figure this pup would be sick of storage units, but nope-- he loves sniffing them out!  We actually had to interrupt shooting a few times because Quart wanted in!

 Notice the drool puddles on the ground!

During breaks we went around Southern California visiting some very important places, like Brandi and Jarrod's store:

Back on set, and Uh OH--- Quart the Paper Shredder (as he is affectionately called, for good reason) has spotted something that I have:

He's chewing it up... what is it?

Oh!  It's a Storage Heroes business card!  Here is the after.   Haha... THANKS, Quart!  At least it gets us a shout out :)

Meanwhile, Brian was super impressed not only with Southern California's doggies, but also with their security measures.  This facility was SECURE.

One of the pieces from the storage unit was so amazing I just had to take a picture!  You'll hear all about it later and how much it sold for.  I really wanted to take it home for myself.

Ever wondered how they get the shots of people driving to and from auction?  Now you don't have to wonder about that anymore!

I will also mention that our California rental car was the exact year, make and model as Brian's car back home-- so it was VERY realistic to our actual auction day experience.

Shooting the lock-cut demonstration

Everyone just hanging around!    Between takes--   guess who that is in the middle!
 Nabila was so sweet---  I loved her shirt, and she ended up sending me one just like it!


More videoing of the inventory/lock-cut procedure:

There is SO much talent under that tent, it is not even funny!

The talent is just indescribable-  you have Nabila Hannis, Suburban Pickers,  The Redneck Picker, American Auctioneers, and Storage Heroes all within just a few feet of each other.   Could you imagine the resource we could have put together if we combined all of our knowledge?  Oh wait,  we did!

One of our favorite guys-- he is so down to earth, which is funny because the way he "always keeps his head on a swivel"  you would think he'd be super high strung.  So laid back, so cool, so hilarious.  We love The Redneck Picker!

Brian and I

Hanging out with a Redneck Picker AND a Suburban Picker-- it's like being in some sort of movie where the city mouse goes to the country,  or something.

Storage Heroes + Nabila = pure awesomeness.   Can you question it?

Quart started getting a lot of attention... I mean, of course he always does...

a LOT of attention...

So I decided he needed to do some PR for us at sport a Storage Heroes shirt-- and believe it or not that is MY shirt and it fits HIM perfectly.  Should I be upset about that?

Smile for the camera, Quart!

Like one big happy... storage family?  This can be our first company picture when we finally get Quart to join us :)

Not wanting to be unfair, we added a StorageTreasures Hat!

Who could say no to that face?

Ooh... I would have loved to have heard what THAT conversation was about!

At the end of the day I just crashed onto a chair--  should have checked first because Dan Dotson was in it!

A picture with Brian as well

Another one with Nabila!  We were sharing clothes all day-  so cool that we're the same size!

At the end of the night it was time for Dan to ride off in style on his Motorcycle...

Only after getting a quick word from Nabila...

It was time for him to say goodbye!

Everybody was pooped at the end of the day!  And I do mean everybody!

All in all it was an amazing experience, and I'm so glad I got to meet the StorageTreasures family and all of the other knowledgeable people that worked on this project.  We met some new bidders and really were able to seriously help them out-- and hopefully the video training will help lots of others in the same way,  but I'm sure it will, because like I said, it helped me and I'm not even new to this by any means.  You can always learn from others-- especially when you have the best of the best all together-- it was an honor and a privilege to have been a part of that number.

We cannot WAIT until you guys see it!


Storage Heroes

**UPDATE**  You can now see the videos here:


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