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Monday, October 8, 2012

What do we have in common with Dan Dotson, Laura Dotson, Nabila Hannis, and The Redneck Picker?

What do we have in common with Dan Dotson, Laura Dotson, Nabila Hannis, and The Redneck Picker?  Along with Suburban Pickers (Dave Hester's old partner Steve Cox, Richard, and Preston), and Drenton Beres?

We're all featured as experts in a brand new 3-video training series sponsored by

Check it out here:

And wow, look who's featured in the thumbnail!    Storage Hero Rebecca!

And find all 3 videos here:     Storage Treasures Insider Series


  1. It seems that you guys are making this stuff up as you go along for your own personal benefit. I have been to your sales and also to your "warehouse" LMAO....both are laughable. I can't believe that you call yourself experts. Also you claim to be doing so much business on Ebay but when I checked your feedback you only have a score of 38...Where are all of these sales you write about? I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you had another account like you stated in the ebay video posted here. Would you please reply with that account name so that we can all see how successful you are for know, instead of just taking your word for it. I get the feeling you are trying to sell videos and are willing to say anything to do it.

  2. Wow. Thats a new one on me. Have you guys upset the last guy who commented. He seems to have a lot to say and I'm not sure what he is getting out of it and why hes' bothering to derial someones marketing effort.

  3. Please allow me to say that the writers of this blog have never done anything to me directly. I am not angry at them in any personal way. I have gone to several of their sales and to their warehouse on one occasion. I have never purchased a single item. I will admit that I am assuming this to have been their warehouse. It was in the back of an old house on central avenue. It was very cluttered and disorganized. I certainly did not see the thousands of dollars of collectibles and rarities they claim to have there. This claim was made in the blog where she totally disrespected the two older women who were looking for fabric. A person with experience in this business understands that when you make an appointment you accept the risk that they may not find anything they want or like in your collection of goods. An appointment with a buyer is an opportunity not a guarantee. I treat all customers with equal respect whether they buy from me or not because I realize how important contacts and word of mouth can be in this business. A lot of the entries here are advice type post and i do not think condoning disrespectful treatment of any potential contact or buyer was good advice at all. Also as I read the blog there seemed to be many instances where they are giving out sage advice, even after admitting to only being in this business for 15 months. How can anyone claim to be an expert after only 15 months. In order to be successful in this business you have to have a vast wealth of knowledge usually built up over time. 15 months simply isn't enough time. You may be an expert at buying storage units's what you know about the contents and what you do with those contents that matters. I also have an issue with the publishing of the personal letters of the previous owners of the units. I avoid the personal letters of the owners because I want to see the sheds as just a group of goods and not the remnants of someones life. I do not find their tragedy, ignorance or misfortune to be funny. A homeless person selling condoms may have been selling them because she / he needed food and i certainly do not find that amusing. Non the less the units belong to you now so you can do whatever you want with the contents. If you want to publish a book and profit from the personal correspondence of others, that is entirely up to you, its just not my cup of tea. That brings us to the videos about the ebay phone calls and accounts. I feel you showed your inexperience here by not knowing how to handle this not so difficult situation. The thing that really confused me is that they make the claim that they both have been selling on ebay under separate accounts and have a long history of ebay sales. Something about this just doesn't ring true. Are the other accounts in another individuals name? If the other account was in your name and in good standing and you simply opened a new account attached to a separate bank account then your personal info should have all been on file. I am not an expert on the way ebay manages their sellers so I am just trying to get a better understanding of what the actual problem was. They just don't seem to be giving the whole truth here. They claim to be long standing ebay sellers with a vast amount of sales. All I'm asking is that they allow us to take a look at the feedback on their other ebay accounts. I have been selling on ebay since 2006 I started out there selling with a partner than opened my own account. After some health problems which caused me to stop selling for a while I opened another account and i never had the type of problem they describe. I'm not saying this was their fault I just wish they would provide a little more info so we can better understand what caused this.

  4. Wow. We are trying to sell you free videos? That's a new one. We are not even going to bother to defend ourselves -- too busy, but we will say that we have done nothing but provide a free resource for folks newer at this than us, and free entertainment for those who want to do this but can't for whatever reason but find it interesting. Free. As for our sales, you admit that you have gone and never purchased anything-- go harass someone of whom you are an actual paying customer.

  5. I stand corrected and sincerely apologize for assuming that the videos were being sold. In light of this fact I would now have to say that you are using your role in this and all this talk of being an "expert" to promote yourself and boost your sales. There is nothing wrong with that as long as the claims you are making are true. You claim to have made hundreds of ebay sales but your feedback on your current account does not reflect this. I originally started reading your blog because i am always looking for new ideas and good advice. I hope you can respect the fact that I was not asking you to defend yourself but only to provide some evidence to support the amount of experience and volume of sales you claim to have. I am glad you are willing to help people get started but it would be nice if you would show some evidence of your own success to go along with all of this expert advice. As for visiting this this point i am only coming here to see if anyone has replied to my comment and if so what there opinion might be. In the future I will only post in response to this comment and not on any of your blog entries.

  6. Mr. Anonymous, you apparently have wayyyyy too much time on your hands to harass these people. If they dont have anything for you, them move on to the next....

  7. I love Brian, Rebecca, winging it, and the Hornets!

  8. I have agree with Anon to a point. There has to be a certain degree of truth in advertising. You are selling a product. After the first three free videos, one can purchase a 'course' for 300 dollars. On all three videos, you claim to be in the business for 5 years, but if this isn't true, you are misleading people. Same things goes for your eBay site. It does make me question your motives and credibility. I found you and this site through storage treasures and wish you all the best, but I think Anon ask some valid questions that I too would like answers to. Thanks.

  9. Y'all are completely overlooking the fact that the paid subscription goes to - not to us. We were compensated only through some travel expenses and items from the storage unit that did not sell that we were able to keep. We do not make a cent off of those videos. Furthermore, for someone who chooses not to subscribe, they're still getting a hell of free information with Videos 1-3 and Resource Guides 1-3 for free. We write weekly blogs for Storage Treasures, weekly-monthly blogs for ourselves, and all sorts of other YouTube videos and Facebook notes as a free resource, for free.

    As far as experience goes, I'm really not feeling like I have to prove myself or Brian but remember that even though we've only been buying storage units for almost 2 years now, we both have up to 5 years of auction experience. We both have 30 combined years of retail experience, and have been listing on eBay since the late 90s. Between the two of us we have licensing (not just experience but actual CERTIFICATION) in the fields of automotive, coins, commodities, geology, fashion, education, and general retail.

    Bottom line: If you find our site useful, use it. If you don't, continue on. It's all relative - if I like an article, I stick around for more articles from that writer. If I don't, I don't, but I don't bash them-- I just go find a site that works for me. I ask you to do the same. If you don't like it, go away. If you're finding something valuable here and clearly you are because you keep coming back, then try to be nice.



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