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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lights, Camera, Inaction???


As many of you know, storage units are a very popular business nowadays.  We get calls, e-mails, comments, Facebook messages, and letters almost weekly asking us to be interviewed for an article, or to do a few minutes of tape for some kind of segment someone is working on.  We're happy to oblige, after all, it's fun, it brings more people to our blog, and it only takes a few minutes.

Sometimes though, we're asked to actually submit, or participate in, a concept for a new television show--   we'll go back and forth with producers for weeks sending interviews, talking heads,  and footage of us live in the field (digging units, buying units at auction, and having garage sales, for example)-- and eventually they may even send down a bonafide camera crew to actually film us to get a higher quality video.  Sometimes they'll let us send in our own tape, which is dangerous to say the least.

We always want to share this tape with you immediately but are always restricted.  Sometimes the interview gives away the concept of the show which is never owned by us, so is not eligible to be released at all, ever.   Sometimes we actually have to sign an agreement saying that the footage (and our likenesses, basically) are property of the network or production company for a period of 6-12 months.  This is a really common practice.

We've had about 5-6 TV shows offers at this point, and have done a myriad of different clips and things.  We'd like now to share with you just a selection of a few we've done throughout the last two years.  Keep in mind that we're a little delirious-- Brian and I live in separate homes,  don't always see each other every single day, and often times the only time we had to shoot these videos was late at night after we had already had a full day of moving furniture and emptying out units.   Plus, California time is 3 hours earlier- so you might see live feeds from 12 or 1am our time!

Enjoy!  We'll try to post more of these a little bit later.

And if you're wondering, we do have more current pending TV show offers- but it's never really a big deal for us.  We've seen so many of them not pan out that we're not really expecting it to happen.  And if it does, it's great, but that's not why we do what we do.  We buy and sell units because we love it and it's profitable-   if someone wants to pay us extra to do that on tape, well, that's just icing on the cake!  We're not going to change who we are, obviously, as you can see from these hilarious videos!

Until next time,

Storage Heroes

In this video we discuss what it's like going to a caravan auction and what it was like when we first started years ago:

We tell the other teams on this reality competition show why it is that we're going to win!

We tell the other teams on this reality competition show why it is that we're going to win!

We discuss Donkey Kong, noises with the face, and everything else that shouldn't be on video.

Brian and Rebecca do impersonations of each other:

We're going to start a band called Warren & The Buffetts.

Fortune Favors the Bold!

Garage Sale Wars-- Find out what happened when we set up on the same day as 3 other sales.  Oops.

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