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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Letters from a Storage Locker #16: $APPHIRE

Our comments are in bold / blue.    Warning:  Adult Language & Content.

 If you're not familiar with the drill by now what you're going to see below is basically a letter that we've found in one of our storage units.  Typically we return these as we always return personal effects even when we aren't supposed to, but in this case, either the tenant declined personal effects, was unable to pick them up, or the storage facility did not want to hold on to them.    So-- rather than throw them away, we let these people's memories live on,  their lessons be learned from, and their lives inspire (or confuse) others, in these "Letters from Storage Lockers".      We'll have a book of these out really soon!

There are 15 other letters (well, 14 letters and 1 journal)  up on the site, you can find them by searching for "letters" in our search box up top.   And as always, the disclaimer:   This is not our content.  We are now the owners of this content, I guess, but we are not responsible for any of the thoughts, offensive language, foul ideas, or anything else expressed within. We do not really spell this poorly. Content may be sexual, poorly thought out, inappropriate, or otherwise something you may not want to read where your kids and boss may possibly peek over your shoulder.

Background on this letter is that the author was incarcerated (we never find out why other than that it's "petty") and he spent his time writing to random women that he found online, through dating sites, or that were recommended to him from fellow prisoners.    We've omitted his real name not only because we always try to do that, but because in this case he gives his rapper name--  which is very unique.  It also contains a dollar sign as a letter.   

Here goes:

Wuzzam wit ya, Sapphire?  Did I spell ya name right?  Well if I didn't , don't trip shawti.  What happen'd to da names Diamond or Ruby? Fuck it, canary Yellow!   Haha, im just playing wit ya.  But shit big bruh an me be talkin an what not since he got here.  I been here since Nov, 4 on some petty shit.  His folk come in like a week for him or maybe da same time.  I cant tell, I dont pay no body no attention in here.  If it wasn't for meetin da big homie, i'd probably be in my room writ in mo tracks or some'n.  Thats what i do, I rap.  On account of some other thongs.  How bout you?  What you do, what you into?  I aint sayin you scared, but i know alotta girls scared to keep it g.  I aint here to judge ya, I cant. Who am i?  Big bruh was tellin how down their yawl gutter an what not.  What you a dope-girl?  Shit, I need one of those.  Most of these girls scary down here.  Don't know what to do wit themselves. Get round a nigga like me, don't know how to act.  But god'am enough of me an tom bout this bullshit. Tell me bout you.  Wuz ya' real name fa'starters?  My name (omitted, rapper name), you can call me Mike, but I may have warrants.  Ha ha, naw im jokin.  But thats my real name.  Even though not one person i know besides my grandma call me that.  They either holla'n (rapper name),  Prince, or Man.  Aight.  Im done talkin for da time bein.  I don't know if I said too much or not enough.  But shawti believes me when I say this.  I don't een talk this much.  Yeah, if you gone write back, ya can send it wit da homie's girl letter.  Or directly to me.  Either way, at least someone writin me.  Info an da back though.  You be ez lil shawti.  Holla at ya when a g hear from ya.

Ya dig.

Ya Folk,
* - * - * -  (his initials)

You can write a g at ---->    (and the name, prisoner number, and prison address).

Now, we looked him up and can tell you that he is now out of prison and actively making rap songs.  Mostly as collaborations with other artists, but at least he's making them.  And I have to admit, they are actually PRETTY GOOD!    We will try to contact him and see if we can share his music with you--  we just don't want to give people a way to potentially figure out his identity until we clear it with him, obviously.    We want to wish him well and tell him we enjoy his music, and we hope he doesn't go back to jail.  We also want to find out whatever happened with Sapphire!

Until next time,

We put the AIL in MAIL, 

Storage Heroes


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