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Friday, July 20, 2012


Hey guys!

Sorry so long since we've posted... we've been in California for a week working on some exciting projects that are secret for now, but you'll find out about them VERY soon.  Here's a quick recap of our trip:

We stopped first at a restaurant called Angelo's, named for Brian's cat.  Well, not really, but he likes to think so.  It was like Hooters on Wheels.

The outside sign.   LOVE old places like this!    Part of the reason we buy storage units is to hear the history of certain things, but we don't have many places like THIS in New Orleans!

Speaking of not like New Orleans...  this is the Matterhorn!  Well, at Disneyland, that is.

And if you haven't seen Brian's Yodeling Mountain Dance yet, you need to!  It's available at


Brian scares away the StormTroopers.  (That's what they're called, right?)

I'm a little teacup!

Cinderella's Castle at Disneyland.    Which Disney character's storage unit would YOU buy?  Chime in here.

We were amazed to learn that unlike Disney World,  Disney Land, in addition to "Adventure Land"  "Tomorrow Land", etc.  has a "New Orleans Land!"   Other than the neon green mint juleps, it was actually pretty spot on!

Brian can't believe it!

This looks SO much like our Gazebo cafe, it's astounding.

Here's a picture of the original Gazebo Cafe, for reference:

It was SUPER spot on,  except for the Mickey Beignets, that is!

The New Orleans thing was kind of tripping us out, so we decided to leave Disneyland (after awhile)  and browse Downtown Disney.  Here's Brian against a wall of Legos!

Another Lego creation.   We too were exploring "Whole new worlds"!

 It was now time for work, and we went off to meet our friends at StorageTreasures.

The facility we were visiting's mascot!

Speaking of Mascot, it's StorageTreasures' Paper Shredder,  Quart Doodle!

Stars continue to come and go, as we get to spend some quality time with Dan Dotson of Storage Wars!

We interviewed Dan awhile back for this blog and he was (and is) always a pleasure to work with.   Read more about him in his own words, here:    Storage Heroes Exclusive Interview with Dan Dotson

Quart needs a rest and so do we!

Time for some spa time in our hotel pool and hot tub!

Beautiful California palm trees!

We took a moment to visit Jarrod Schulz and Brandi Passante's place, Now and Then Thrift.  Although they were closed it was still fun to window shop and take a few pictures!   Hopefully one day soon we'll make it back and actually INSIDE!

BEST FAST FOOD PLACE, EVER.   El Pollo Loco, PLEASE build one of you in Louisiana!  Or sponsor us.  Or both!   Will work for food.  AND CHURROS!

Speaking of working for food,  Quart found something...

and was chowing down...

on our business card!


 Look who we found!  It's The Redneck Picker!  "Keep your head on a swivel!"

Brian gets a photo op on his own?  Let's fix that!


With Troy, the Redneck Picker, and Richard of Suburban Pickers.

If you think Richard's shirt looks familiar it's because he works with Steve Cox, who used to be Dave Hester's partner.  YUUUUP!

It's Nabila!   Boy is she gorgeous.  And every bit the firecracker that she is on TV!

Quart Doodle is quite the popular puppy, but something is missing...

A Storage Heroes T-Shirt!  It's slightly disturbing that Quart and I are the same size, but I'm happy he was able to shoot a few pictures for us. 

 Welcome to the Storage Heroes family, Quart!

A Happy Storage Heroes Family!

It was clear that Quart wanted something else...

A Storage Treasures hat to go with his ensemble!  Of course!

After a few more hours, it's been a long day, I have my shirt back from Quart, and you can tell I'm tired but am loving spending quality girl time with Nabila!

At the end of our Disney day, and a 13 hour auction day, we went home, and went to Disney's California Adventure the next day, before heading home!   Here are a few pictures from that:

The CARS cafe:

Loose in the park:

  It was a short trip, but was great, and we can't wait for everyone to see what we've been working on!  We'll post that as soon as it's ready.

Until next time,

Storage Heroes

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