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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


 Greetings, guys!

We know it's been a while and we're sorry.  There are several great reasons we haven't posted.

1)  Our Facebook page is being updated constantly.  If you're not Facebook friends with us, shame on you, but we'll forgive you-- if you go like us right now at

2)  We are now Auction Pro Contributors for StorageTreasures, which is a pretty big deal.  StorageTreasures is the leading Auction resource and we're super thrilled that they think enough about us to let us have our own column.  You can read it here:  There are videos as well!  After you read the article displayed (This week's) make sure to look in the upper right hand corner for the other articles.  There are even more archived here:   It's why we've been so busy!

3)  We haven't really bought any units in awhile, probably the longest time ever since we started this business.  We were kind of on the track to getting burnt out, which is bad, and were both sick (it's that time of year where yellow pollen runs rampant in New Orleans),   but mainly it was just because we realized how much STUFF we have.  We've been really focused on eBay, Craigslist, and selling the things we have, and we have been making hundreds without spending a single penny for the past couple of weeks.    Don't worry, we're going to buy some new units this week, finally!

4)  We've set up another blog, just for you to be able to see what we're selling, and only what we're selling without reading the anecdotes on the blog.  So, if you have a friend who maybe isn't interested in the dirty diapers and dentures and things we find, but maybe just wants to see what we have for sale, you can direct him here:   We'll update it weekly or bi-weekly.  And if you're wondering why the name Auction Heroes,  we found out a little while ago that a company we were dealing with over a year ago regarding a possible TV show had actually tried to register a TV series (without us) with the name Auction Heroes.  Hell no.  I doubt it's going to get off the ground but if it does the web searches will point to what WE have for sale.  There are oh so many things about this business! :)

Okay so that's enough of homeroom announcements!     We'll have a new blog for you in the next day or two, it's about a homeless lady who used a storage unit to hold items she found off the street that she would then sell.    Sad but true!  

Until next time,

Storage Heroes

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