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Friday, October 7, 2011

Letters from a Storage Locker #8 - You've Got Jail!

If you're a seasoned reader of this blog, three things are true -- 1)  we love you and encourage you to keep reading,  2)  you obviously have incredibly outstanding taste,  and 3) you've no doubt seen some of our "letters from a storage locker"  posted here before.   This is #8 of many more of these posts to come.  We find these letters, at least one in every storage unit, and publish them for your reading pleasure (without the names and personal details, of course).   We're even working on a book that will hopefully come out soon called (are you ready for it), 'Letters from a Storage Locker."    Sometimes the stories accompany the letters, sometimes they don't, others (like this one) are compilations of a couple of letters.

We've posted letters before from Mike to Jennifer and vice versa.  They are a young couple (together for about 7 years before marriage, together for about 1 year after marriage),  Jennifer has had three of their children (two before marriage, one after marriage)-- and both have drug problems.  Mike has found himself locked up in jail SEVERAL times before.   At one point, he's in jail for 9 months straight and sends Jennifer no less than 4 letters a week.  As you can imagine, we have hundreds of letters from this couple.

What's more interesting though-- is not the letters back and forth between Mike and Jennifer (you can only read SO MUCH about one couple's sex life)-- but the incoming letters to Mike in the few months here and there that he actually was not incarcerated.   What's really sad is that of the 25 or 26 letters Mike received (not counting the 50 or so from Jennifer),  99.9% of them come from prisons, all over the country.  EVERYONE HE KNEW was in prison.  Cousins, uncles, brothers, friends, even his own mother!   It's no wonder the poor dude was consistently locked up.   

I thought these letters would be better together than separately, so I've posted 5 of them here for you tonight.   Actual pictures of the letters are scattered throughout (in no particular order).  Oh and of course, please do not be offended by racial slurs, curse words, sexist speech, or directions on drug use-- it's not us, it's what was in the letter.  We don't agree (with MOST of it :P)   And if the spelling is bad, that's because it was how it is in the letter.

WARNING:  Explicit language and themes!   Don't say I didn't warn you!


 Say cuz,

I got yo letter today and from what I read and what ma nigga Joel tells me is that ya hurtin bad out there.  Life's bout ups and downs.  I feel for 3years irn 2000 and I'm still paying for it.  I get off paper this December 29th and this bitch ass lil girl wanna lie on me to save her ass but thats kool.  When I do go to court I'ma beat that bogus ass charge and kite out this bitch.  I came in here in February and left in April, 2 weeks later I'm on a plane to Atlanta.  I stayed 3 weeks cause thats all the time I had on my travels permite.  If I would have stayed there like I wanted this shit woulda never happened.

Like I said, life's bout ups and downs.  I once had it, but now I'v lost it.  Joel told me what you wrote him, cuz, don't let nothing put you down, life ain't over.  As far as ya being behind on paper fees, them people can't fuck with ya bout that.  I owe my p.o. $464.00 and he aint sweatin that.  But don't let them people scare ya bra, that's what they out there to do.  You used to give me advice when I was 2 wquirs in the, now I'm bout to give you a lil advice.  As long as you doin what you gotta do, I mean working, stakin ya chedda, raising ya lile one's n shit like that them people aint gonna fuck with ya bad.  Ever since I'v been old enough to come to jail I'v been in and out, the time Jeremiha did carn't fuck with what I did.  When you told me in that letter you might get violated my heart dropped.  I know you do yo thing out there and that's kool but in order for you to keep it kool you gotta stay out there.  I'll be out soon hopefully :)  When I touch down I'll halla at ya an see whats up.    But as for me, I'm doin alright, I'm drove cause I'm gonna miss Angie's wedding tomorrow.  Her and Jeremy are doin their thing now.  Aaron's got a lil girl named Callie.  I have none that I know of!  :)  You know how it is.  The last time I seen Uncle Mike was this past Christmas at Aunt Annie's house.  THe same night I get paped for a half zone of weed in thib.  Did 5 das then bonded out.  I got credit for time served on that.  In Feb. I beet my second armed Robbery charge.  They offered me 85 years.  I went under investigation and beat it.  Now I'm stuck in here for unauthorized entry.  The whole situation's fucked up.  But I'm like Poky, I'll beat this charge too.  But outside of that, me' my nigga Joel been running it bought shit you n him did and shit me n you did.  He told me your grandpa died.  I'm sorry to year that.  Just remember he's in Gods hands now cuz, don't let that get ya down.  I don't know if you know but I'm2 1 now and wild as hell.  I quit doin a lot of shit recently.  I used to sell tabs by the thousands, I used to pop'em like candy.  But I still smoke my weed.  That aint gonna never change.  If I beat this charge which I know I will I'll stop smoking till I get off paper, ten after that, I'm goin get a pound and blow my ass off. But I'm trying to chill cause I'm thinking about moving to Atlanta when I get through with this shit.  I gotta get away cuz, every time I step out my crib I'm surrounded by dramma, I had enough of it.  I'm finally putting that shit behind me and moving on.  I got a for sure job, car and house in Atlanta when I get there.  My mo and paw don't like the idea but fck it, I'm 21, I love where I want.  Well cuz, I'm glad we finally got back in touch after all these years, keep in touch, I'll write you when you write.  I keep ya on top my situation and let ya know when I get out.  I wanna see ya soon so we can kick it again like old times but not in here.  

Much love to ya cuz.  I'm out.  Peace out!  

Yo cuz

P.S. - send me some pictures of you and your family

Hey Son & Fly,

How's everyone doing I'm ok I guess, I have to go back to Houma May 2nd or 3rd, I haven't smoked a cigarette in 6 weeks.  But, I've been eating like a pig.  I went to court yesterday with Jerome, but I never went in the court room.  He came out looking mighty sad, I over heard someone talking saying they push his court date back.  I dont know when.  How are the kids doing give them lots of kisses & hugs for me, I love all of you very much, don't ever forget that, I miss my Nu.  How has Kevin been doing Mike I been praying that he's not upset about anything, I sure do miss him, God only know's how much.  Tell him that Mom loves him and behave in school.  Write me back ok. 

How's Jenny doing, Hope she is doing ok. Tell her I love her too.  And take care of them babies, and my next one too.  Well write me back.  I love all of you.


PS - Thank you for taking care of Kevin, your brother while I'm here.  I love you

Dear Mike & Family,

What's up Nigga.  I'm over here at fountainblew over in Mandeville.  It's sucks but it is better than detox.  It's a lot better environment.  There are no meingy ass dogs running around & aren't getting stormed by flys.  They keep us busy. over here so time goes by alot faster Those 10 days at detox were hell!  We have to attend classes and meetings all day long.  I am learning alot though.  They have some good shit if you use it.  The food over here sucks ass.  I can't wait to get out to eat some good food and get some ass.  HOw are the babies doing & Jennifer?  You can write me back over here I'll probably be here a while & send some pictures.  I can't use the phone till the weekend.  They turn them on at 5:00am saturday till 10:00 sunday night.  I don't get visitors until the second weekend that I'm here and I can only have 2 no kids.  Ya that sucks.  I'll be giving you a call asap.

26 more days to go.  That is a long fuckin time in here.  It's already been a month since I was out there, this will make two.  The whole summer gone.  I can't wait to get my ass home.  But I look at this as a lesson because I don't ever want to come back here.  Know what I mean  Hopfully the time goes by quick.  But one good thing if I go crazy they only have to walk me down to the next ward with the crazy people.  Well I'll let you go.  It's almost bed time.  So Lata dog,

Much love,

PS - write back woa!  & send pics


Waz up partner and crime,
There ain't nothing new in being lock down exerpt freedom ya dig.  It gets hard at times but I find ways to get threw om.  But like you say jail saved a nigga on the real.  I feel so much better inside because I'm recouparated.  But on the other hand the letter you sent me hurt me dog.  I hate to hear you so down and out out there.  From what you say and the problems you got to go throw at this point in time.  It sounds like you have alot of things runing threw your mind dog.  But keep your head up brother things will pull threw for ya nigga.  It's live you hurting more than me its eating you up inside and i'm in jail.  That shit hurts me to my heart mon.  I wish the best of luck to ya my thug brother.  From what I hear Dwanye can't volate ya for not paying because you cuz owe's 400 $ yo dig.  So don't sweat that fat bitch. He tring to fuck me to. He tell my to pleid guilty and volote myself.  Ban mon fuck me that's atomacilly 18 months. When my lawyer told to pleid not guilty. I had went to court on the 13th of last month. They told me I might come home but the DA said no. But I have to go back to court on the 11th of Oct. for my motion.  I might have a good chance of coming home because the jail is packed.  But I ain't waiting on it. Just because if they decide to slam me I'm ready for it ya dig. 

But other wise nigga I hurt for ya just because you doing so bad and there's nothing I can do to help ya.  But I know one thing that you a strong person and I got faith in ya cuz.  And I know you know that shit.  Sorry to hear that your grandpa pasted away.  Trust me Iknow how you feel inside.  I've been threw simalar things.  For one you know that I can in someoway relate to ya problems.  But the old saying is what hurts will always make you stronger.  I thank you so very much for the picture of my mom.  That's the one thing I need to see cuz.  I couldn't thank you enough for that move.  Good thinking for ya nigga.  That picture made me stornger to push me threw this ya dig.  I coudln't tell you how much I miss ya'll.  It hurts me inside al the time.  Just because I'm around a bunch of people I just met.  And you know how the game goes.  I hang wit em but can't trust em because this is jail.  I can't wait to bounce back og but it feels like it will never come.  But I knew one thing for Sure.  And this goes for you too.  Hard time will always pull threw to good things.  Then we will remoreces on the post memories.  But for now it struggle to stride and hurt to stay alive.  LIve you say the qeustion is why.  I guess its love and genarl ya dig.  Every body goes threw em.  But you don't want to come to jail just because it feels like I'm cut of from everything on the outside.  No freedom its almost worst than the streets in here.  It's the same thing hustling getting high getting it how you live around here.  I'm tryin to get away from that.  But it seems like its every where I turn.  It's hard it tokes confidence and faith to pull threw times like this.  I can go on and on about life in how it rolls but just think of a better futer.  

Well other things happing in the joint is that shane L. in here for dope charges he's tring to go to Foutain Blue.  Eric J in here to for dope charges too plus I heard he got alot of times on his h ands.  One of the jailers told me that.  Shitty's in here for DWI's he might be looking at S Plot.  Then your crazy ass cuz might have 9 months.  Plus me.  Well my nigga I hope the best.  I hope things get better for ya.  Tell Jen I said hello too.  Look nigga hold your head up high roll strong and things or bound to happen for ya.  Like you say ain't nothing can hold you down.  From a true brother to my thug brother we mourn together.

From your thug brother,

PS - Your always be my partner and crime

We Ride Together!


Mike, Jennifer, Michaella, and the unborn child,

You told me that you lost your letter.  Well, I'm sure you probably read it.  But, in case you didn't I'll be getting out in December.  I don't know exactly when, but it's for sure December.  They gave me 6 months and added 2 years to my 3 year probation.

Enough about that.  I got arrested June 21, 2003.  The next day, I believe, I called Julie and told her that I was in jail and she told me that she was pregnant.  I'm pretty sure I told you that it might not be mine.  She was with someone 20 days before I was.  Me and Her were together on May 26, 27, and 28.  So, by my sister's calculations, the baby will be born Febuary 23, 2004.  I pray to God that it's my baby.  Mike, I'm hurting so bad.  It's killing my heart or should I say my emotions.  But, no matter what, God has something in store for me. 

I can only do what I can from in here.  And that is to read pregnancy books, the Bible, A.A. LIterature.  

Mike, I didnt realize how bad I was.  This is what I needed.  You tried to tell me, but I was Blinded.  I really know that you tried to help me.

So thanks, 

By the way, when is ya'll baby due?  Is it a boy or girl?  When is he or she due?  What are the names ya'll thinking about?  How are ya'll doing?  Mike, it's about 3:00am in the morning, and I'm drove so bad.  I feel like the world is against me.  I feel that I have no use no more.  I try and I try to do everything right.  I feel that I get shit on.  Well, I hope things change soon.  I guess I'm still blinded and don't see God working in my life. I pray to God this will be my child.  I'll have to do the DNA test.

This jail and this incident is getting me more straight than anything that has every happened to me. 

My mind is finally clearing up.  I think.  Or should I say that I let God back into my life.  I don't know what will happen, but I do know this.  I choose my Destiny. S o, no matter what, I will do what God wants.  That's strong words.  I hope I live up to THEM.



  1. I hope you guys buy a locker with a scanner in it soon.

  2. Are you saying that you'd like us to scan these letters instead of photograph them? ;) The only reason I don't is because I can't hide names/addresses. Maybe soon we'll just start using white out!

    If you actually wanted to buy a scanner, I can help you out with THAT, too! :)



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