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Friday, March 9, 2012

Letters from a Storage Locker #12 - Diary Readings

  We don't normally videotape our "Letters from Storage Lockers", but these were diary entries, so we thought we'd read them out loud.   No disrespect intended to the writers of these journals-- we understand that they weren't written for public display, but we also know that they should not have been abandoned in storage units.   For what it's worth, both authors wrote each of these pieces years and years ago, in one case over 20 years ago, and in the other, almost 40 years ago.   I think the authors probably have long forgotten about this stuff by now.   We also don't mention their first names, others last names, locations, or anything else to protect the innocent.  And they provide valuable lessons about life, love, and "the intercourse." -   for what it's worth, Rebecca seriously fails at vocabulary (voyeur??) and also SERIOUSLY falls at her attempt at a South Carolina accent.  Brian is just goofy and charismatic as always!

Once again, we mean NO disrespect-- both of these tenants are now contributing members to our society and successful now in their own ways.   If someone is offended please let us know!

So, without further delay...

Until next time,

Storage Heroes

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