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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I'm baaaaack!

Hey y'all,  Rebecca here!
  It's been almost a year, but I've been busy selling storage unit items all fancy and new at Fox It Up!  check out or  for more information.

It's been a privilege to continue to buy units & estates, and even more fun helping others learn to craft & get cheap items to repurpose (as well as an endless supply of gift bags, paint, brushes, wrapping paper and bows), but I miss writing, and I think that's really the one thing I've always done better than everything else.  Back to basics.

Storage Heroes is going through a restructuring process where there will be lots more people helping, in different cities, with different things (auction buying, estate buying, garage sale liquidation, organization, and blogging/writing).  With the extra help I'll be able to focus on the things you love most  (photographs & books & blogs) and I'll still be able to get material for all of the things mentioned above without feeling like I'm going crazy.  If you feel like you'd like to work for Storage Heroes as a buyer or seller or driver or mover, feel free to e-mail storageheroes at for more information.  You can also contact me via the Facebook page.

There will be more blogs and letters coming soon, but just know that I'm back around and they will be coming more frequently.

That's it for now but I do want to leave you with this story because it's amusing to me:

The other day I was calling estate sale liquidators in Baton Rouge to help with an estate that we took on several months ago but have been having problems (issues with transportation, warehouse space, company restructuring, the estate being over 80 miles away, etc) getting it liquidated as easily as the client needed, so I was making some phone calls to some local companies to see if someone else was more capable of handling it.   I spoke to lots nice people, many who recognized me from auctions, or the blog, or garage sales, as well as a few new contacts that I'll be happy to add to my rolodex.  And then I got to this one particular woman who from the very beginning seemed, a little off.

Here's a SNIPPET of our phone conversation:

Her:  HELLLLOO????
Me:  Hi is this _____ with ____ company?
Her:  YES!
Me:  Okay, my name is Rebecca with Storage Heroes, and I'm calling because I..
.Her:  You are WHO with WHAT?!
Me:  Rebecca, with Storage Heroes, and I
Her: WHAT???
Me:  Is there a bad connection?
Her:  No.
Me:  Can you hear me?"
Her: Yes.
Me:  Okay, well I don't understand the problem, but my name is Rebecca with Storage Heroes and I...
Her:  WHO?????  WHAT???
Me:  Sigh.   Do you buy estates?
Her:  YES!
Me:  I have a company that buys estates like you do in New Orleans and I have an estate in Baton Rouge that I'd like liquidated.  Do you do that?
Her:  WELL,  I can have a sale there next weekend!!!!
Me:  No, we've already exceeded the number of sales allowed by permit, plus the house is going to closing so we really just need the estate liquidated.   If you don't do that, I can call some other people.
Her:  I do everything (or something ridiculous like that).

Anyway, it went back and forth like that for several unproductive minutes, with her telling me how wide open her schedule was for May (although she was trying to make it sound important by saying how many clients she had),  and at one point she actually had the audacity to try to explain to me what an ESTATE SALE is.

Her:  You see... an ESTATE SALE is when you sell items from a person who has PASSED, in their HOME.
Me:  I know what an estate sale is.  I told you I was an estate sale company, like you.  Plus, I do that.  I'm really seeking someone to move the contents of this home somewhere else to resell.
Her: I don't DO THAT.  Let me explain to you what an ESTATE SALE is.
Me:  That's not necessary, thank you for your time, I have a few other people to call...
Her:  WAIT.  I want to help you.  I wish I can help you.

She somehow manages to waste another 10 minutes of my time, and is still showing off with how busy and well known she is, and how once she was on a reality TV show casting call but didn't make it but was so close and she is so famous, and I just lost it and really wanted to get off the phone so I told her briefly who we were and how we've done a few TV shows and have met Dan & Laura and the Storage Wars gang, and used to write for StorageTreasures, and how we've done the mini series, etc etc,  and she instantly starts trying to one up me, one up me, one up me.

Me:  I'm sure you're great, but I really need to go...
Her:  WAIT--  (by the grace of God, the call disconnects.  I guess it was a bad connection).

I briefly don't want to be seen as unprofessional, and think that I should call her back and issue a proper goodbye.... and then I wait a minute and decide against it.  But I'm a Christian woman, and I would want someone to end the conversation with me, so I call her back.  She answers, and I guess didn't realize she had answered??  Because I hear her having the following conversation with some other person... I THINK a man, but I can't be sure.

Woman:   That girl.... she said she was someone FAMOUS?    What nerve.  I've never even heard of her before.  What did she say her name was??  Super heroes trash??  
Other person:  Storage Heroes?
Woman:  She clearly doesn't know who I am.   I don't know who she thinks she is.  Thinking she can lie to me about how cool she is.  We were almost on TV!    (inserts name)  will show HER!!
Other person:   What did she say?
Woman:  All this crap about how she's done TV and blogs and reality shows and books and 300 garage sales, that's not even possible, I haven't even done that many.   She probably doesn't even have a website.
Woman:  (still going on)  Google that shit.  Storage Heroes.  Google it right now on your smart phone device.
Other person:  Storage Heroes.
Woman:  Give me that....    Let me..  OH.

Other person asks to see....  I hear something like "COOL!" and "Is that Dan Dotson in her profile picture?"  and then I clicked off the phone, completely satisfied.   It was a good day.   By the way, I didn't even bother calling her back.

Until next time,
Storage Heroes


  1. That's how I feel as well when I talk to regular customer service reps. I usually just go straight for the managers. They at least understand more about storage than opening and closing the facility gates. Thiago |

  2. Congratulations on all of the sales. Is is always exciting to bring new people into the storage market. We have made so much extra space in our home by using storage units.

  3. I have heard both good and bad about storage lockers. I have never had a problem with my unit. It is glad to hear that you don't seem to be having a bad experience with it either.

    Alena |

  4. I'm so glad that you're back. I have missed your stories. I love the reference to the storage units as well. It takes me back to some stories of my own.

    Aaron Carter |

  5. Welcome back! I'm excited to hear more stories about your storage lockers. Good times will be had by all!

    Chester Jones |

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  8. I head about this! I thought it was an awesome idea to hold auctions from storage units. I bet people have found some really great deals at one of these. Do they have auctions at several different storage facilities or just a few in particular?
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  9. That must have been quite an irritating experience! We at Space Storage, strive to serve clients to their maximum satisfaction level.
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  10. I really need to get a storage unit. It'd really help me out I think. I have so much stuff.

    Jim Tracy |

  11. I loved this story! We are going to store all of our Christmas decorations in our storage unit. It would be nice to open up some space in our garage so we can put our other car in there.

  12. I have been considering buying storage units. I think it could be really fun and challenging. These past few weeks have been filled with research. I really can't wait to get started.

  13. Okay, first of all, I love storage wars. Hahaha! Also, I love how that woman got put in her place when they saw how legit you guys are. Hopefully, that'll help her realize the awkward situation she's put herself in by undermining you. Thanks for a great read! I enjoyed it. All the best to you! :)

    Everett Tyler @ General Store-All

  14. One of my close friends is getting a storage unit. He's planning to move this fall. Unfortunately, none of the apartments he's been looking at have had space for all his things, hence the need for storage. At least there are lots of climate controlled units in our area. Thiago |

  15. When you were going and using different storage units, were you getting rates on them before you just decided to go with a place? That is something that I would want to do to make sure I was getting the best deal. There have been plenty of times where I have thought about getting one, but never got around to doing so.

  16. Have you ever seen the show "Storage Wars"? It is really cool to see how much money they can make off of the units. I saw a unit that was worth 90 thousand dollars. They were stuff animals that had cameras in them and other security equipment.

  17. I love watching shows where they sell the storage units. It is so exciting, to see what they will find. I love when they find amazing treasures!

  18. Personally I love your blog about your storage facility. I think a lot of people write about boring things but yours is the most entertaining. You should definitely continue to write your experiences.

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  22. That is fantastic. I'm so glad that woman realized who you were by the end! It sounds like you have a fairly unique part of the storage industry. Do you operate storage units, or simply buy their contents? I'm looking more for a storage unit to rent right now, but it would be interesting to get more involved in the sales they have.
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  23. Rebecca I must say you had an Awesome conversation with the lady !!! It happens either she was an idiot or she wanted to make you so :( . These kind of people I come across quite often.



  24. That is really cool that you buy storage units from facilities and then sell the content that was left behind. You must find some very interesting and cool things in these storage facilities. Having a job like yours would be something that would be pretty fun to have that is for sure.

  25. I love hearing all of these stories about your job. Your job just sounds like it would be so much fun. I'm sure you've seen a bunch of really cool things since you've been working with storage units. How did you go about getting started in this business?

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  27. It's really great to have you back. I have loved reading your stories about cool and gross things that you have found in storage units. It's amazing what kinds of treasures you have found. That reminds me, I should probably clean out my storage unit sometime soon.

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