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Friday, April 15, 2016


If you're reading this page you probably found us at the Indoor Garage Sale at Elmwood Self Storage.   Garage sales & Storage units are both kind of our thing, so that was definitely a good place to meet us.

We buy storage units & estates & often just collections throughout the year and make the items available to the general public at a discount.    You can find our wares online in the following ways:

Our Facebook page (albums are updated often)
Our eBay store
Our website (It's under construction in Spring 2016 so if you get an error message just try again)
OR you can check out our separate sale blog that has photos & descriptions of our items for sale.

For your next purchase,  you'll receive 20% off, if you reference this post.  If you order online, you can use the code word  "ELMWOOD".

Thanks for stopping by!

Storage Heroes

PS - If you like a good story, check out our blog (the most popular entries are below) for stories on what's really behind the stuff you find in storage units!


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