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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

E = MC unit

It's about time for a blog again!  We have lots to talk about, so there may be more shorter blogs (quantity over quality, perhaps?)  But I'm sure you won't be complaining about less to read and more to look at!

First thing's first-- the other day when we bought the (now infamous) Whore-der unit, we also bought 2 other units on the exact same day.  That unit received a lot of (deserved) attention, so it's only now that we've gotten to dig and discuss the other two units.

Here's the first one.  We bought it for $95 and here's what we saw when the locker opened up:

Okay, so disclaimer--- I can't show you the pictures of what it looked like when the locker opened up.  Either Brian or I deleted it.  Who knows.  Its' been a hectic couple of weeks!   If I find them, I'll post them.  But, I can describe it.  It was a tiny locker, 5 X 5-- and it had nothing "loose" -- everything was in a box or a backpack or a suitcase.  There was a duffle bag, a backpack, 4 boxes, a suitcase, and a tote. So, there was lots of mystery, which we like (and we know YOU like it too, dear reader!)     The only items you could actually SEE consisted of 2 boxes-- a crock pot and a rice cooker-- both brand new and never opened.   So we figured those alone would get some value, and the rest was a gamble.  Unfortunately everyone else did too (the auctioneer made sure to point out that there was brand new unopened merchandise) and that's why we had to go all the way up to $95.

UPDATE:  I found the pictures!  Here they are: 

We were at a caravan auction (going from location to location to facility to facility in one day) and by the time we finished paying for the units we purchased at this facility it was time to move on to the next auction, so we were unable to move the entire unit, but we were able to grab the backpack before heading on our way.  Auction ran late, so late in fact, that Brian was almost late for his 5:00 shift at Java House (his store), so I had to tag along with him to work.  Fortunately, I had the backpack still with us-- so I decided to do some blogging and digging while I was stuck there for a few hours.  Brian was considerate enough to help me!

The first tote we opened contained some clothing, and these things:

A pile of Indian religious and spiritual items.  Storage Lockers are a great way to explore other cultures!

 Brian... ACTUALLY digging... and doing WORK!  For once!  I had to take a picture to commemorate the occasion!

The lovely backpack in question...

 The inside of the backpack...

Although it looked like a lot of papers inside the backpack (it was) there was also a treasure trove of office supplies.  As much as Brian picks on me for shouting out "ooh!"  and then it being like... a cute shirt (and not gold or diamonds),  he was doing the same "boy cried wolf" thing with these office supplies.  He was SO excited.  I kept hearing "Ooh, look, a stapler!"  (It was like freaking Office Space with the staplers, I swear).   We did get a lot of really nice (unopened) office supplies though!  No picture of them...  SOMEONE snatched them up before I could take one! :)

More papers!

 More papers--- these are actually students term papers.  I hope they weren't looking to get their corrections back!

 Formulas and notes...

 Student Homework, once again, I hope they weren't expecting the wrong (and right) answers back!

 Some pretty stationery!

 An entire box of Physics textbooks.  We are taking these babies to Chimes to sell!  (A local buy/sell College Textbook place).
 Notebook memory, still in the packaging.  Sometimes, the geekier the thing, the more money it brings!

 This dude might have been the greatest teacher ever-- but it's certainly not looking that way!  Here are some (hopefully graded) scantrons.

 More homework from students...

More pages of binders of notes...  he WAS smart... I have no idea what any of this stuff means!  Brian will say that he does, but he probably doesn't.

 More computer stuff... Cat 5 cable still in the packaging... well... put back in the packaging.  Either way, we'll sell it!

 I don't know what it is about this PARTICULAR card, but I find it in EVERY locker, it seems.  This is no lie, the 7th time I've found this particular card.   I love Maya Angelou (and who doesn't)-- but sheesh.

 An alarm clock!   I definitely can use one of those (Brian will certainly agree with that!)

 LAPTOP!  Score!   That's at least $40 or $50... maybe more, depending on what kind / how new / if it starts up.

 These are very interesting... Indian wedding invitations.  They are all so beautiful and decorative!

 The inside of one of the invitations...

Another invitation.  Covered in fabric with a beautiful elephant on the front.  So ornate and gorgeous!  I love how educational this job can be sometimes!

After the educational things from India (which were returned), and the college papers (which were thrown away), we actually had at least $95 worth of things.   Here's a recap of what we found:

  * College texbooks
* Rice cooker (brand new in box)
* Crockpot (brand new in box)
* Computer memory
* Cat 5 cable
* Alarm clock
* Foreign currency
* Fancy stationery
* Laptop
* Clothing
* Backpack
* Tote full of office supplies
* Suitcase
* ????

** I still have about 3-4 boxes to open from this unit... so there may even be more!  If there is, we'll be sure to let you know!  We'll post it as an addendum to this blog, so you may want to check back here in a few days just to make sure, if you're interested.

So... no PIRATE's GOLD here... (contrary to what some of you think from watching Storage Wars & Auction Hunters-- we don't find 18th century artifacts in EVERY locker)--    but we definitely doubled our money, which is what we always shoot for!   We may even have tripled it.  And, we got one heck of an education on India. So, that's a good day!

Storage Heroes Tip #8:   It's not always about finding treasure.  As long as you can make a profit (and have fun), that's what counts.  People who give up after the first locker where there isn't obvious treasure don't deserve to be in this business.

Until next time!

-Storage Heroes

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