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Monday, November 7, 2011


We just wanted to say a quick "Thank You!" for the amazing response we've received so far from all of you.

There are about 80 fans on our Facebook page: --  and 24 followers here on blogspot-- and that's just in a couple of short weeks.

We're now averaging more than a couple of hundred hits per day, and that's huge to us!  Keep the comments coming, keep writing on our Facebook page, and send us e-mail if you have specific questions or need advice about a unit or auction.  The e-mail is .

If you're not on the Facebook page or a follower here, you may want to join-- there will be a couple of cool giveaways soon for members only.  These are good things!  No more Cocoa Buns or Esperanza t-shirts! One of them may even start with an i and end with a Pod.

Also upcoming are Whore-der parts 2 (and maybe part 3, I haven't decided yet),  the Dan Dotson interview, and blogs on our salon unit, our physics professor unit, and our old lady unit.    We've bought all of these in the last two weeks!

Life is busy but good.  Thanks for keeping up with us and we'll keep writing!   More soon.

Your Storage Heroes,
Rebecca & Brian

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