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Thursday, November 24, 2011

His name was Lester...

Well, not really, but you'll find out why we call him that in a second.

The day before Brian and I bought the Whore-der unit and the E=MC unit, we also bought this unit I'm about to tell you about in a second.  We also bought a fourth locker, which will be one of the next posts- it's a very old, packed locker.

Anyways, when the unit opened up, we saw this:    

We love mystery totes and suitcases and bags, particularly when they are "clean" looking... and we got this locker for cheap enough so we ended up getting it.  I know some competitors were bidding against us (everyone loves a mystery) so we didn't get it AS cheap as we should have, but it was still not a lot.  I don't remember how much, exactly, somewhere between $40 and $75, I think.  Definitely under $100.

 There were a bunch of tools, and car parts, and nails, and door knobs--- I guess the guy was a contractor or a mechanic or a little of both.

 Me digging through the locker, starting with a suitcase.  You can tell we had JUST bought this at auction minutes earlier because I was still dressed for auction (and not for digging).

 More Christmas stuff!  We have quite the stockpile of Christmas stuff going.  Have been selling it all this month!

 There were SO many little girl's backpacks-  2 or 3 and about 4 suitcases.

 A bin full of clothes

 More suitcases

 More girls suitcases

 This box had nothing but paperwork.... upon going through it, I sadly found the following:

I covered up the name and address information, but you can see that the man was arrested for Forcible Rape of a minor.      It makes me shudder to think that he had all these little girls stuff in there-- I'm hoping those were for his daughters (if he had them) and not a way to lure children.

We about doubled our money on this locker-- nothing exceptional, but sometimes that happens.  I will say that the chain we mentioned in the Garage Sale Journal blog that we thought was real 14k but it wasn't-- if it had been it would have been a $700 additional profit, but sadly, it wasn't.  You win some and lose some in this business!    At least we made our money back and then some.  And in bins alone we gained about $80-100 worth. And we learned a valuable lesson about appearances (ie, just because we see children's stuff in a locker doesn't necessarily mean that the people had children!)

Until next time,

Storage Heroes

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