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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Bits & Pieces

Just a mini-blog to share a couple of things with you... ironically enough, that are all in bits & pieces.

Rebecca's phone:

Brian's phone:

See a similarity?   As if it wasn't enough that we act alike and kind of look alike, now we have matching phones, too!  And in a bad kind of way!  Ahh, the perils of the Storage Industry!

Rebecca's laptop monitor.   She doesn't think it is supposed to do this.  And you were wondering why there was a delay in blogs!   Oh, PS--  the Apple Store couldn't make it act up!  

Found this in a unit a few days ago.  It used to be a baby shower invitation.  Who DOES this to something so cute and innocent?

A Bible we found in another unit.  I'm not sure if they kept it for sentimental value, or if they thought it was worth something because it's so old-- we held on to it just in case until it can be looked at.  But, the only way to touch, look, transport it is via this envelope, otherwise it literally disintegrates in your hands!

Finally, speaking of pieces... if anyone is into paper piecing, we literally have about $3000 worth of scrap-booking stuff.  We're having a sale on Saturday and a preview sale Friday afternoon for our friends & fans.  If you're interested drop a comment or let us know and we can give you more information!

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