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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Five... Five Dollar... Five Dollar Unit!!!

  That's right, folks!   After 3 miserable days of going to auction after auction after auction and not getting a damned thing, we finally bought a unit today for the beautiful price of $5 American dollars.

Today was a caravan auction--  there were supposed to be five separate locations but one was cancelled so there were four overall.  Each location really only had one or two units each, so there wasn't a whole lot to be had, and with all of the people lately (3 or 4 times the amount we're used to), everything was going for WAY more than it should.    We were patient though and I remember telling Brian this morning "If we buy one unit for under $100 at one of the last locations, I'll be happy."  And that's exactly what we did!

We have a ton of furniture right now and lots of other things, we really just needed some small filler for our weekend garage sale so that there are a few new items for our loyal repeat customers.  That's exactly what we got.    The door rolled open, everyone groaned-- I agree it wasn't pretty looking, lots of things thrown everywhere, but I did spot a leather jacket and some security guard uniforms and a chair, so I was willing to play.  We threw out the $5 bid and no one bid against us.  Easy peasy.

Here are the pictures.  Fortunately, we had a special guest and amazing friend present with us SO  we were able to ACTUALLY get pictures with both of us... at the same time!  Pretty great, right?

Here are a few pictures of what the unit looked like (of course, WE weren't in it when it first rolled open!):

There ended up being a chair that we've already sold for $5,  some plates we sold for another $5,  a box of tide (I mean, come on, that's a few dollars in the store!),  and a bunch of clothing-- right off the bat we knew we had at least double our money-- so objective achieved!

The only sentimental items of the person's that had to be returned was this "inflatable potty" -- a gag gift, I'm assuming for a 40th or 50th birthday, signed by the person's friends & family.

There was a cool liquor carousel!  I bought some of these for wedding gifts once and they were like $50 each!   So.. that's pretty exciting.

Some clothes... including two Saints coaches style shirts,  a jersey (albeit Reggie Bush), and a couple of really nice jackets, including a leather jacket and a Carhart jacket.

Some security uniforms:

Lots of pillows and sheets, dishes, an inflatable mattress, a lamp, and some things to entertain like a portable TV and a pocket casino.  Add in the wardrobe (on hangers), and it was pretty clear that someone was living here.

A makeshift trashcan:

A pile of clothes, including the most STARCHED, PRESSED, pair of JEANS I've ever seen in my life!  They literally looked fake...  PAPER THIN.

Another picture of the jeans:

Some more clothing, including some really nice suits and jackets:

The leather jacket:

And last but not least.. the pocket casino!   It was awesome...  it had felt boards for roulette, blackjack, and craps--- dice, cards, markers, chips, a ball for the roulette wheel, a spinner, the works!  Of course, it went immediately into my own personal bag, but not before I cracked it open and played with it for a bit!

The three of us had a makeshift game of roulette going!  I won!  Oh, and the amount I won?    In fake poker chips, I won... are you ready?  $5!     Perfect end to a pretty cool day!

So, for $5, we got:
 * The Bee Movie DVD (which I took)
* The pocket casino (I took)
* Carhart Jacket
* Leather jacket
* Dishes (sold)
* Chair (sold)
* Alcohol Carousel
* Air mattress
* Fishing tackle box, lures, bait, all sorts of stuff
* Tide  (we don't have to buy it now)
* A whole pile of clothing, I still haven't even gone through it!
* 3 authentic saints shirts
* This amazing glass lamp thing and mini lamp-- not sure how it works but when I figure it out I'll photograph it for you guys
* Lots of MEMORIES
* And last but not least,  some flattened jeans!

I love this business!  Today didn't feel like work at all!

Oh, and I hate to be negative, but I have to tell you, that there was this woman all day long that was just...  weird.  There were guys that were trying to show off or whatever (unsuccessfully) and some that were just plain annoying, but there was this one lady who was just being kind of rude, I thought.  Brian kept telling me I was just being oversensitive and imagining it.  Well, at one point, I could have sworn she actually SHOVED ME into a locker while we were trying to look to see what was inside.  Again, Brian told me maybe I was overreacting.   Well...  as we're going through our $5 unit, she drives by in her truck and says she's going to the store, do we need anything?    Brian thought she was trying to be friendly and says (jokingly), "Sure hun, a beer would be great!"    She looks at him, he tells her he's just joking, and then she says (I swear) "Oh, no, I was thinking you needed something else... like.. GARBAGE BAGS???"    - Basically, I guess that was her way of telling us she thought our unit was trash.  Whatever, for $5, I wouldn't have minded if it was trash, which it wasn't.    It's funny how much people go out of their way to try to prove they are better than other people.  It's even funnier when it doesn't work!

Anyway, it was definitely a great day (even despite some of the haters), and I'm looking forward to going to get the rest of that unit tomorrow morning!

Until next time,

Storage Heroes


  1. Great job with the Blog! Keep it up...

  2. I'd probably go out of my way to make sure she didn't get any units for a while. What a bitch!

  3. The two of you sound extremely arrogant for people that pretty much sort through trash all day, like garbage men. Don't know if the bitchy, "let's make fun of these people" attitude is a Barnum type persona but it just makes you sound like really shallow people.

  4. Dang... my apologies to the garbage men that are reading this blog! We feel your pain, brothers. I think trash is pretty cool, honestly. At least you guys don't have to deal with nuts like we do. ;)

  5. How much did you pay for the locker that those black pleather boots came in. Your outfit kills me.....Did you know the 90's called and they want their cloths back. Who dresses like that? I swear I saw Kelley Bundy in that same outfit on T.V. once. What really through me for a loop was the 80's hairdo and the 90's wardrobe......It's like your time machine malfunctioned.



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