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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Letters from a Storage Locker #10: Handy-Dandy Notebook

 Dear Readers,

This post was just going to be a letter, but as I was going through the photos from this one particular unit, I realized I had taken pictures of a lot of different things, mostly things that were found in notebooks.

I know a lot of our letters are kind of crazy and involve some kind of prison sentence, love triangle, family drama, or just plain aggravation-- but isn't the point of this blog to see WHAT is in storage lockers in general and not necessarily just the crazy things?   For me, it's interesting to go through all of the things, not just the psychotic things-- maybe it's because of my degree in Psychology, maybe it's just that Brian and I really enjoy people in general,  or maybe I'm a little more nosy than I want to admit--  for whatever the reason, sometimes the every day stuff is the most blog worthy to me.

I take pictures of a lot of notebooks and go through a lot of notebooks pretty often.  Generally you don't find letters or the really crazy things in notebooks, but it's pretty cool to see that there are other people out there who do the same quirky things I do.  People who have a recipe one on page, followed by a note to a friend that was never sent on another,  followed by doodling and budgeting for the week on the next.  Sometimes you find lists -- things to do,  things people are trying to remember--   goals, plans, dreams.   And sometimes you DO find ridiculously amazing and/or crazy things, but that's just lagniappe.  For those of you NOT from Southern Louisiana-- "lagniappe"  means bonus-- a little extra!

Here are the contents of a couple of notebooks, followed by one real "letter from a storage locker".  Ironically enough, the letter was written inside and sent in a notebook!

 Some amazingly done (and only slightly disturbing)  drawings -- all on notebook paper... all with crayon, I guess?  

 Closeup of one of the drawings

 Closeup of another drawing

 Some poetry

 Picture of a kitty taped to a page.  The picture is taped to the page, not the kitty!

 Drawing / poetry / random thought.   If it makes you feel any better, I get lost with open eyes all the time!

 Recipe time!  This girl was actually an acclaimed chef, so these might be worth trying :)

 Quote... or song... or inspirational message, I'm not sure

 Budget!  Who doesn't?

 Ahh!  "The State Game!"   Remember on the TV show Friends when someone, I think it was Ross, was trying to prove he could name all 50 states?  He sat there for hours and couldn't think of the last one.  Looks like this lady had the exact same problem!     How many of you are going to try this after you finish reading this blog?  Probably a lot of you.  I'm going to as well.  But don't use this as a cheat sheet!

A card all about POO.

 Types of poo.

 More types of poo.

 Types of poo including handwritten notes.

 Some envelopes were tucked away inside the pages-- I LOVE the different types of stamps.  Apparently this person did, too, because they used 4-12 stamps, when, like, one would have sufficed :)

I'm not sure what's cooler-- the stationery, or the handwriting!

 back of said cool handwriting letter

 The letter posted below

 More of said letter

Final page of said letter, featured below:

Hey ____,

Well 1st of all I hope you even get this letter and I'm not just waisting my ink, b/c I don't even think you're @ (Address).  And 2nd of all, you drew me some fireworks and balloons on the letter you sent me and the balloons said 21, and I'm 22, Jackass!

Anyway, wow I can't believe you called up (name).  How the hell is he?  Whats going on with him?  It makes me think how weird it is that we can be such good friends with someone and hangout with them like everyday and then end up not knowing them @ all.  Isn't that sad :(  Well, I'm really glad you and I didn't end up like that.  That would be such a loss!  so, where is my picture of your mohawk?  I think the mohawk is going to come and go and I will never get to see it.  Tell it I said HI!  ---->

So, I'm really glad everyone is doing good.  I think next time I go back to Newburg, I am just going to throw a party so I got to see everyone.  And Jeanie's ass better show up!  

So, I'm so happy and proud that your going to school!  Which school are you going to?  I wish you luck, I know you'll do great.  But no stalking aloud!  Just remember, was your relationship great, good, or okay?  and if the answer isn't great, then there is a great out there for you.  (Just be patient).  I spelt [aloud]  wrong, didn't I ? 

So, what's new here?  Not to much.  I'm doing that wedding in July and another one in September.  But that's the extent of my career so far.  I might get another job @ like a makeup counter or something, just so I can keep practicing.  I still want 2 take more lessons but I'm going to wait on that.  Maybe soon.  I don't know?  ------->

So, I guess I'll end this Now.  I'm out of thoughts.

I sent some pics of when you came here last year.


Miss you,



End:  Bye 
         Talk 2 ya Soon

That's it for now!  More letters (and notebooks) to come soon!

Yours Truly,

Storage Heroes

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