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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Logo with the Flow

Hey guys!  Just a quick post to show off our two new logos...

Our first logo (above) is our basic logo and was designed by Cherie Hinton.   Cherie did an amazing job and if anyone would like to contact her you can do so by sending something to us at and we will be sure to get it through to her.    Special thanks to Rodolfo Garay for the color pattern. 

Our second piece is a caricature, drawn by "Uncle" Wayne Daigrepont, and describes our storage hero personnas perfectly.  Brian is "Captain Trashbag" (note the trashcan in hand) because he tries to throw everything away-- and Rebecca is "The Gold Digger"  because she always finds the jewels and gold inside every locker.   Together, we are Storage Heroes! And of course, Brian is always in a Saints jersey and Rebecca in a dress and heels -- the attention to detail was amazing.

Let us know what you think-- we can't wait to hear feedback on these.  And please make sure to contact Uncle Wayne or Cherie if you need any design work accomplished-- as you can tell, they are very talented at what they do!


  1. I may have missed this but curious, how long have you two been going to storage auctions and is this your primary occupation? Any great finds?

  2. Francine-- Thanks for reading! We've been going to storage auctions full time since last March (so just shy of a year). We've bought over 75 storage units in that time. Brian has another business, called Java House Imports, and Rebecca often does freelance work for Performance Motor Werks, but this is her primary source of income. Lots of great finds, and there are about 98 blog posts here to prove it! You might want to start your way back at last July and work through them all! :)



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