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Monday, January 23, 2012

The Redneck Picker

Quick post today live from auction...

We've seen 4-5 units and a vehicle (in the pouring rain)--  some pretty interesting items.  As for the truck (we use that term loosely), it literally looked like it had been through a chop shop.   The only parts left of the vehicle that were usable were 2 wheels.   I'm not kidding.  The hood was missing, the engine was missing, the doors had their insides missing (gutted),  fenders were missing.  Quarter panels were dented, so they were left behind!   There was a unit with an older gentleman's briefcases and file cabinets, filled with military memorabilia,   a family's unit with a bunch of kids toys and an antique rocking chair,  a unit filled of nothing but tiny boxes (our favorite kind), and one with about 5-8 pieces of antique furniture.  Finally, there was one with a gas stove and some random construction materials.  That one went for over $365.    We probably could/should have bought at least 1 or 2 of the units, but prices were pretty high.  The tiny boxes unit went for over $500, and believe it or not, the "truck" went for $350.     Maybe another day!

One of the bidders is this guy who probably reads this blog so I'll go pretty easy on him-- but I will say that he is getting ridiculous with his bids.     Bidding in 50 cent and $1 increments when the bid is over $250 is a little bit too much.  Or too little, I guess I should say!

In other news, do you like our new shirts?   Brian and I are sporting "Picker" and "Picker Chick"  shirts, courtesy of our friend The Redneck Picker.  Thanks RP!

Redneck Picker can be found on Facebook,  or YouTube.   His videos are great and a ton of fun-- he encourages everyone to always "keep your head on a swivel!"   He has a lot of experience in the industry and it really shows-- but he explains it all in an easy to digest, down-to-earth kind of way. RP also can be seen on the new hit TV show Real Deal, on the History Channel.  Check your local listings for times.  Thanks again, RP for our shirts!   We're also glad we're friends!

Until next time,

Storage Heroes

Storage Heroes Tip #6:   When bidding on lockers, keep your increments appropriate.  If the bidding is under $25,  bids of under $5 are okay.   When the bidding is over a couple of hundred dollars, don't waste everyone's time and patience by bidding ridiculously low and foolish amounts.   A bid of $1000 and 1 cent might be cute on The Office or The Price is Right, but it's NOT cute at auction.    Oh, and it's also bad technique-- just like in poker, "shy bets"  mean that you're not confident that you're going to take home the big prize!

Giveaway:  If anyone would like a "Keep your Head on a Swivel"  Redneck Picker sticker,  post a comment here!  We'll use a random number generator to PICK a winner!  Ha!


  1. None of the auctions here would take a .50 or even a $1 once it hit $15

  2. Honestly, the picker trucks are all over and are growing. Thanks for sharing this information. I think it will be very helpful.



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