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Monday, July 11, 2011

For your entertainment... the saddest, most miserable man ever!

I present to you a portion of an ad that a person took out about us on Craigslist.   Here's the back story:
We advertised a 22 family garage sale (which was totally true, as we had 20 units plus our own stuff),  that was from 8-12.   Early Birds were welcome (meaning people usually show up at 6am).  This jerk shows up at 12:20 and proceeds to go through things.  I was cleaning up, but we stopped and kind of let him look around.  He brings me a shrink wrapped cd (brand new, never opened) and asks me how much.  I tell him $1.   He asks if I have a stereo where he can test it out and if he can open it.    I tell him no, he can't open it, because it's shrink-wrapped, of course it works.   He tells me "well... lady...  it's $1.  Either someone's going to buy it or not!"   --  which I think makes MY point, not his...  so I'm slightly confused for a second.  .. and finally regain my composure enough to repeat that $1 is a good deal, and he should just buy the cd and move on.    In his defense I may have giggled at him, but he was being ridiculous. He grunts at me and says "this cd sucks, and this garage sale sucks.  You false advertised.  There's nothing here at all much less 17 family's worth"  -- at this point, fortunately Brian comes to my rescue and tells him "we've been having this sale since 6am... all the good stuff is gone... you want good stuff, show up earlier like everyone else."   I meant to also chime in that it was technically over by the time he showed up and if he wanted to be all technical about the numbers in the ad he should have noticed that, but he left before I had the chance.

Then I see (courtesy of Amy, one of our favorite regular customers)  THIS little gem on Craigslist:

You sir, need a reality check. You wasted my time (and others I'm sure) by falsely advertising a massive, 22 family/I'm the king of the storage unit sale/awesome treasures extravaganza, blah, blah, blah....I've seen more stuff come out of single shotguns in New Orleans than you were offering. Your claim of 'Hundreds of brand new CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes', for example, was complete B.S. And it still is as I see you're offering your junk again today.
This man is not telling the truth. There may be some good stuff out there that someone could use. But, his claims are completely false. Don't waste your time going out there to see all of the things he is describing because they just aren't there.

To this I have a couple of questions:
1)  Sir?  What about me?  Didn't I make an impression?  Screw you, cd shrink wrap guy
2)  "I'm the King of the Storage Unit Sale"  - I guess he's making fun of Brian, who never said that... way to give him ideas, buddy!
3)  CDs, DVDs, are the first things to go.  If that's your main product you buy-  show up super early.  Big dummy.
4)  Finally, and most importantly... how sad and pathetic do you have to be to write a public REVIEW of a GARAGE SALE?        I mean... where does he have to go from here?      He could be an elementary school art-critic...   or maybe a garbage dump health-inspector.    It's totally hilarious!

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