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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Letters from Storage Lockers #2 ... warning/ explicit!

This one is self-explanatory, just read on.  I will say that the entire letter was in caps only but I won't do that to you, readers!  Just going to do it all in lower case instead.  There's really no punctuation at all.  Enjoy.

**Disclaimer:   VERY obscene, bad words, racist & sexually explicit at times, but a joy to read otherwise!  Just don't say I didn't warn you!  

From: Kevin
To:  Ashley
Reason: I've been slippin and stressed out

1st letter my bad i should have been wrote

waz up wit you ashely thank you for writing me i really needed that you been onlin huh me too them bitches done marked up my charge you heard so now its lie a sitting thing now so ou know my heard fucked up but i been good streong you heard they done put a attempt murder on me now huh i aint trippin though my faith & trust in God so im straight he gon work this lil situation out for me i go to court  on January 27, supposed to be ima try to get out on house arrest until they try these charges this pen pussing out in shit when you gon get everyon on the phone so we can talk i was really lookin forward to come in home i cryed in everything in the phone wit my mama but she stayed strong for me in didnt ory but she said she wanted to i beeen chillin reading my bible and praying everynite and yeah I would of called you on yours birthday but I didn't have no way but happy birthday how yoors family been wen you get this tell that bitch geezy put evercome back on this phone for me how you been doing in school this bitches trying to make me cut my hair but i aint fucking wit it so they took my visits i can't get a visit until i cut my shit i was bout to put you in my writing list but i thought i was bougt to get wit pite then and there but now i get to wait ima be cut soon the no evidence no witness no case

i aint trippin ima sit it out one they dont want put me around everybody because i was getting into to many fights they got me in some type of crackdown thing ane naw i don't know why all these niggas at my top they must think because i dont look like them all tugly in shit i cant fight i aint gon lye one nigga gave me a black eye a big ass nigga name big son that boy hitting hard wen you gon send me some more pictures you most not miss me hell i miss the tymez we used to have together chill together kiss eachother i miss all that shit i need some pussy for real this shit blows my dick I bethinks wet dreams waking wit nut on me these lil four mouths ive noticed with here for me with my tan friends is in everything those bitches trying lose me but got cut the last weed i love you yeah ashley but I aint trying to stop you from living for lyfe aint no tellin when ima gonna git out here well look its your turn to write back......

love you

(Commentary:  Don't feel bad at all for the dude, because he's in prison on an attempted murder charge-- but at least he loves his woman!   There were a few sweet moments in there...       No idea what happened to this guy.)

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