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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Letters from a Storage Locker #1

From time to time we find letters in storage lockers.  Actually, we usually find at least one letter in every locker, with very few exceptions.   A while back we had a unit with over 1000 love letters, one for each day over a period of several years (I'm still trying to read through those!)  We return them when we can or when we know the people are reachable, but many times the people have moved, no forwarding address, and the storage company tells us just to throw them away or do whatever we want with them.   It is then that we keep them, read through them for the best ones (it is my privilege to do that for you, dear reader)  and share the best ones here. As Brian says, "it is our duty as mandated from the heavens to share them with the world around us!"   So, without further delay, here is the first letter-- actually, a series of 2 letters.     

(Disclaimer:  Letters are not scanned and uploaded to protect the privacy of the individuals...  I change the last names and addresses where mentioned to protect the innocent.   They are typed EXACTLY as written, not to make fun of bad spelling/grammar, but because, sometimes, that's what makes the letter that much better!)


Letter 1 (written from a prison)
From:  Nortel
To: Cassandra


How are you doing?  I hope fine.  Me, myself.  I doing Good.  I just have some things on my mind I need to get off of.  I really do hope & pray that you read this with an open mind & understanding.  What I'm soidin here is real.  This is how I feel.  Please don't hurt me, thats all I ask of you. I also wunt you to write me back & send me some pictures of ya'll.  It's like this.  When you're not here to share my day & night's, my life is so incomplete for you are my heart; my soul. The oneness I had know to see without you I merely exist from day to day.  With you I know that I will fine all that I have been searching for.  My complete-ness, my eternal peace of mind.  You are the my keeper of my denom's. The woman who hold's my heart in her heon's. The one I wunt to spend my life with.  The one with whom I will always stond, stond beside through think & thin.  Through all that life will throw our way. Know that this special love we have & share will guid us; each & every day.  This journey was started long ago.  Before this time & place.  The journey of complete-ness as turo hearts & soul enbrace.  For-ever is what I wunt with you.  For the search is at on end.  Our heart's have found each other.  Us, Lover's, us soul-mate's, us friend's.  If there's one face I wunt to see, so beautiful; so true, one smile that make's a difference, To everything I do.  If there's one touch I long to feel, one voice I long to hear'; whenever I am happy; or just need-ing someone near.  If there's one joy, one love, from which I never wunt to part, it's you.  My very special Love.  My world, my Life, my Heart.  For you I would climb the highest peak, swim the deepest ocean your love I seek.  For you I would cross the rivers most wide, walk the hottest desert sand; to have you by my side.  For you are the one who make me whole; you've captured my heart & touched my soul.  For you are the one that stepped out of my dream's; gave me new hope.  Showed me what love mean's. For you alone are the reason to live, you come into my life & mode me complete each time I see you.  My heart skips a beat.  For you are the one God sent from above.  The angel I needed for Whom I do love.  I love you deeply, I love you so much, I love the sound of your voice & the way that we touch.  I love your warm smile  your kind, thoughtful ways The joy that you bring to my life ever day.  I love you today as I have from the start.  I'll love forever with all my Heart. I hope you can feel me on this.  I miss you, I Love you, I wunt to see you soon... You just be good for me out there; Love.  Know one thing.  I'll be home on the 8-24-07.  If not before.  So I hope that you are here to pick me up this time.  I wunt to come home to you; Love.  you are all that I wunt want in my life That Real. But if you can't wait for me I understand.  But I'll always have you in my Heart on Mind.  Ya'll always have a place in my Heart & life.  Now I'm gone to bed on think of you some more, Love.  You be sweet as always.

I Love You; Bebe!!!

Your soon To Be Mon

Nortel (he wrote his full name),  AKA  Dookie.

Letter 2
From:  Nortel
To: Cassandra
(no exact date, but it's the very next letter that was sent after the one typed above)


How's everything on your end?  It's the some old shit on my end, just onother day.  I know you may not belive what I was teling you I in the other letter that I sand to you.  But its' REAL. That's just how I feel about you, Love.  I would love to come home to you.  I'm ready to have that some one in my life that I can call my on.  I feel that some one is you; Love.  I pass it up once time, I wont do it this time.  I don't care what I've to do, Im come to you this time. I have asked God to bring you back in my life for a life time.  I pray for you & your's every night. I ask God to look over ya'll every day. I tell him (God) how much I wunt to have a life with you & your's. I do have feeling for you & care for you all alot.  Love, I just hope & pray that you give me that chance to be the mon that you wunt in ya'll life.  I might can't give you the world.  But I'll give you a Big peaice of it.  All I'm trying to say is that.  I wunt you.  Not just some time or now & then.  I wunt for all time.  I wunt to see you when I open my eye's. I wunt to see you before I close them.  Your my all.  This is what I wunt.  You; Love, I would like for you to come see me.  I understand that you've a life out ther. But I don't feel that I'm askin to much; but if you feel that I am please let me know.  There not aday that go's by that I don't think of you.  You really mean alot to me.  Don't get me worng. I love our lil friendship. But I need & want more.  I wunt you to be apart of my life for altime.  Less take a change on see what we can make of this relation-ship.  I'm willing to give it my all; me. What about you?  I'm not trying to play a game with you, Love.  If you want to get with me or think ya'll like to get at me; let me nkow.  I come home on the 8-24-07.  What go's on in your life now tell them, I respect that.  I just don't wunt you to play me, cause I wunt play you; Love.  Right now I'm listing to this song By Dru Hill.   These Are The Time. You know that put me right where I wunt to be.  I know that we would have a sweet life together.  I love every thing about you.  The way you talk, The way you look; your smile; your eye's, just you your self.  I would neve Hurt you; Love.  I always be true to you.  All I wunt to do for you is ; work come home an spend time with you & your's.  Thats Real... Well, The have my phone now so I can't call you  like I wunt to.  I have try afew time this week, but didnt reach you.  But I'll gife my letter's time to reach you.  I hpe that you can fine the time to write me or just send me some pictures of you all.  Well, I have to go now.  I hoep that you write me back. If not; come on see me this weekend.  Its from 9:00AM to 12:00pm 1:00pm to 5:00pm.  I really would like to see you Love.  Well; put it like this.  I need to see you.  This is not a game.  Love.  I really wunt you.  For you thas all...

Well, Besweet as always.

Take care of you & The Kid's.
Give me a thought from
time to time

Loving you... Love 

Dookie... Your mon


(No word about whether Dookie was ever released from prison or whatever ever happened to this happy couple. I  will tell you that she was seeing 3 other men while he was in prison, it appears, and collecting child support from yet another man...  he really sounded like he loved her though, so I hope it worked out for him!)

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