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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Weird shit I found today

From our "pink scooter" unit:

I stuck my hand in a little boy's pants pocket and felt what I was pretty sure was a condom.  I was VERY relieved when it was just an overstretched yellow balloon.   Still not sure why the kid had it, but that's a kid for you!       I stuck my hand in a little girl's pants pocket and found three rings-- costume, but pretty cute - stackable purple/green/gold gem princess rings.    The little boy needs to start carrying more useful things!

From our "Atari/Jared" unit:

I found a Walmart bag inside a Walmart bag with a huge ball of foil inside.    I unwrapped all 8 layers of foil VERY cautiously and found a very very tiny portion (think smaller than a pencil eraser) of a leafy green substance.  Verdict:  either weed, or part of a very old salad-- judging by the layers of foil and layers of bag, I'm thinking the former.   I should have known after cigarette lighter #5 and no cigarettes!

Here's a picture:

Don't be disappointed:
I've found all 3 of our most common items today...  any guesses what they are?    Condoms, fake hair, and tampons!

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