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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Update: $50 dollar unit

Remember that Atari we found in the $50 unit awhile back?  It's an Atari flashback, which basically means you plug it into the TV and play games already installed on it (not the old school, real Atari).  But, that's actually much cooler because it comes with 40 games.

I did some research, found out it sells for about $60 in stores... offered it on Facebook for $40, no one wanted it,  offered it at a garage sale for $20, no one wanted it for that price, so Brian was like "Seriously?  We're taking that home and playing it!"

I am pleased to say that we have been playing Atari games non-stop for about 3 days now.  And it is so much fun!  I present to you, exhibit A:


So... on our $50 unit, we got a gold bracelet worth $75, a Wii game we sold for $40,  several board games we sold for $25,  a hair dryer we sold for $10, about $960 worth of baby clothes we sold for $40 (to a dear friend), a toy we sold for $5,  caution tape/miscellaneous we sold for $20 and a few other fun gadgets.   And we still have the collector's clock!  Haven't even listed it yet.

Total profit:  $185+ plus Atari
Total fun had with Atari:  priceless
Total times Rebecca has won at Tank Battle versus Brian:  too many to count!

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