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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Letters from a Storage Locker #8: Where is the order in my life?

Sorry for the delay in posting.  4 days doesn't seem like a long time to go without a measly little blog post, but apparently you miss us and we're sorry that we've been so busy!    The end of the month/beginning of the month is always a crazy time in auction land, we had about 20 different auctions last week and bought 4-5 units that we had to dig. 1 1/2 of them are still unopened on my back porch! On top of that, I had to do auctions solo today (about 5 more auctions) and it was kind of a nightmare.  Definitely expect a blog on that soon!  I won't ever repeat this TO him, but auctions are a lot more fun when Brian is around!  Although, they were certainly super interesting today.  It's kind of a good thing Tropical Storm Lee kept us from doing any garage sale activity this past weekend because my head may have exploded.

We had a killer unit last week, filled with lots of cigars and liquor and furniture and Jazz Fest posters and signed/numbered art, and even some "naughty pictures" and I was pleased as punch with all of that even before I discovered the letter(s).   It's kind of a strange situation, for the first time EVER doing this, I am unsure of exactly how the tenants are related.  I can tell you this.  There are two tenants with completely different last names.  The woman is in her mid-thirties and works as a public relations specialist, the man is in his mid-fifties and works at a local hotel.  Both of them have TONS of evidence of prior lovers (her a bunch of pictures and letters from boyfriends, even gifts that went completely unopened or were underappreciated and still had tags on them.... him a lot of greeting cards, a marriage certificate and a subsequent divorce certificate, and also postcards from various women and even a note and key to a woman's home).   What there wasn't was anything linking them to each other at ALL.   I think they may have been co-workers at some point (thanks to the internet) but no idea what else the relationship was.

Either way...  here is a very...  dramatic...  letter from one of our girl (Melanie)' s former beaus.  I will scan bits of it and post the pictures just so you can see I'm not making up the caps and emphasis punctuation :)



Saturday 1/29/06

I woke today & pondered... how have I caused you to give up on me.  It would be simple for me to think rationalize that the deployment with Katrina had pulled us apart; that my decision to go to Centex caused increased seperation from you to loom ahead; that my actions of late had been a semi-conscious, self-defense strategy to soften the possible blow of losing you. This would be a rational explanation, maybe have truth to it, but this would not be the right answer. 

For a number whatever the reason, I have not been the man you fell in love with.  It has not been you that has given up on me, as much as it has been me forgetting who I am.  It has been me giving up on us. Upon this epiphany, I asked myself WHY? What am I doing?  Where is the order in my life? Why have I locked myself up?  Why am I HIDING?  Who am I hiding from?  I realize that I have been afraid.  I AM AFRAID!  AND I AM SAD!  AND AT THIS MOMENT, I FEEL EMPTY.   I HAVE PUSHED THE GREATEST THING IN MY LIFE AWAY FROM ME.

So what do I do now.
1)  ORDER.  Take charge of my surrondings, clean my house, hang your swing in the yard, wash clothes, make a TO-DO LIST... be accountable. 
2) DECIDE to live better, with a clear focus on what's important & who are my loved ones
3) ASK FOR YOUR FORGIVENESS (Listed 3rd, but most important.)  I do am sorry for the absentee boyfriend I have been, my nilistic attitude, & for my lack of compassion & communication. 

* I do not expect your forgiveness to mean that we are back to our golden-days.  
* I need instead, for you and I to have peace between our hearts 

Continued... Monday 1/30/06 5:30pm

I have been very sad without you.  Just talking to you today has been a real lift to my spirits.  Thank you for everything you do for me. I realize that we don't get a lot of time on this earth. I  am thankful for the time I have been able to spend with you * I hope I get to spend lots more with you.  I love you so much, * I'm sorry for not showing you that I do. I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.  I want so badly to feel that our souls are at peace.  I miss you, and I look forward to seeing you, anytime I can.

Enjoy your evening, & I can't wait to hear from you. 


Here are the pictures:

I totally see why she broke up with this guy now.  And he seemed CUTE from the pictures, so I was wondering.   I see her point.  Even though he used bullet points and capitalized important key points.  I am super curious though why he stopped and resumed writing 3 days later.  This is all speculation on my point, by the way-- they totally could still be together.  If they are, maybe she's loosened him up a little with her wild ways and adult photographs.  PS - if you enjoyed this letter, try reading it aloud in a dramatic, interpretative reading.  I did that to Brian and I thought it was hilarious.  He thought it was funny too, even if he doesn't want to admit it ;)  But it seriously makes it even that much more interesting!   Sorry, random dude for judging you-- I'm sure in real life you're way less whiny and pathetic.  You're probably a really good guy.  Maybe I'll meet you one day and find out.  But, until then, I'll just keep doing my dramatic readings, thank you.  It keeps the order in my life ;)

PS - on a side note, congratulate us, because we realized this week that we purchased our 45th, 46th, and 47th units, respectively.  Wow!  We have come a long way! We may have some sort of giveaway when we get to 50!

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