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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Our 50th Unit!!! It's finally time!

YAY!  We bought our 50th unit today!  And it was an amazing one!     It cost us $225 and was, in our opinion, the very best unit of the day.

We started off with our usual just kind of scoping out the unit looking for valuables and to see what we've got.  If you listen closely, you can actually hear the auctioneer in this video-- she hung around to see what we had because she was curious as well!

I was tickled when I found DVDs:

and more DVDs:

Sorry for shaky videos--  a) it's super hard to open bags and boxes with one hand while you're videoing  and b)  there is some kind of sound-delay on a few of these.  If someone wants to be our professional videographer, let us know!

We find savings bonds and savings bond certificates pretty often.  We've tried to cash them and even if they are signed you can't get them cashed, not even with proof that you purchased the contents of the locker.  The only thing you can do is try to contact the tenant and see if he will pay you for them.  We have a unit right now with $250 worth of Savings Bonds and we're offering them back to the tenant for $150-- so far we have not heard from him.

Next, I see this super interesting gift box, and I was hoping for jewelry or something cool but instead I get this crap:

And that was it for Day 1.  For the record, it was NOT fish food.  I'm still not sure what it was.. oregano maybe?  Cat nip?  No idea.  But it wasn't what you THINK it was, either.  I guess we'll leave that mystery for another day.  We packed the two boxes of DVDs in the car and took off.   We returned bright and early the next morning-- and as always, Brian was WAY more chipper in the morning than I usually am! :

I moved some boxes and ended up in a storage unit avalanche:

And here's the rest of the dig!  We videotaped almost every box and bag being opened.  Here's all the other videos:

creepy clown card:


There are a few more videos, but we'll post those in a little bit (as soon as Brian figures out how to upload them, as they are on his phone).    Just consider it a little bonus-extra.

This was an extra special unit, not only because of it being our 50th, but also because it really does have a lot of amazing stuff in it!   I hope you enjoyed this video blog!  We've been wanting to try it for a long time so I'd love your feedback on it!

Now, it's time to go prepare for tomorrow's garage sale--  and we hope to see many of you there-- so we're off!


  1. It's tomorrow -- we're ready!!

  2. Y'all are awesome! They are coming, I promise. 20+ videos uploading to YouTube via a cell phone takes WAY long than I expected ;)



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