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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Questions for Dan Dotson

So as most you guys know, I won a one-on-one 30 minute phone conversation with Dan Dotson of Storage Wars, courtesy of Storage Treasures.  We've all had crazy schedules lately (it's a busy time for storage auctions), so we've pushed it back a few weeks, but that's great because it gives us more time to really think of some great questions.

Listed below are 25 questions -- read them and see if you would add or change anything!   I'm looking forward to see what you guys think!    We'll be sure to post how the phone call goes and some of Dan's responses after it happens, of course.

1)  I was going to ask you where you met your wife, Laura- and then I heard on the Storage Wars roundtable that she actually used to be one of your bidders.  Is that true?  What did you think of her when you first saw her?   Is it allowed for auctioneers to have relationships with bidders?  How'd that one work out?

2)  Along the lines of #1-- have you ever had a friend or family member show up to auction?  How is it possible to take their bids and not act like you're giving them preferential treatment?

3)  Have you ever sold a locker that you really really wanted for yourself?  What was in it and who did it go to?   Did you at least get to look at what was inside?

4) Do you ever wish you were paid commission on the selling price of the contents of the locker and not on the selling price of the locker?  Or are you happy that it's done the way that it is?

5)  How many auctions do you conduct a week?  What is an average day like for you?

6)  Are you on the road a lot, and what is that like?

7)  How has Storage Wars changed your career?  Your auctions?   Your prices?

8)  What is your #1 piece of advice for someone who is just starting out in this business?

9)  What is your #1 piece of advice for someone who is a veteran of this business?

10)  What do you REALLY think of Dave Hester?

11)  Who is your favorite Storage Wars personality and why?

12)  The day you were gone and Laura took over for you, she did well.... were you proud of her?  Does she conduct your auctions often?

13) Is Laura EVER angry?  She doesn't appear to be!

14)  What do you guys do for hobbies / spare time?   Any children or grandchildren?

15)  I write a blog for people in this business.... what kind of advice do you have for me??

16)  We've all seen Barry's zany antics (little people on stilts, psychics, etc...)  is that the strangest things that have ever happened at your auctions?

17) Have you ever been confronted by a tenant at one of your auctions?  What was the most memorable of those occasions?

18)  Has anyone ever purchased a unit from you that was seized by law enforcement?   Why, and what was in it, and what were your feelings about it?

19)  It shows that you really love your job-- what made you get into auctions in the first place?

20)  What's it like now being a celebrity?   What kinds of changes have you gone through to adjust in your personal life?

21)  What are your feelings regarding minimum bids at auction?

22)  I'm going to be on Wheel of Fortune September 30th.  If I win any money what do you suggest that I do with it?

23)  Did you start dressing differently once you were appearing on Storage Wars?  Laura?

24)  What do you differently at the Storage Wars auctions than you do regularly?  Are there adjustments for the cameras/etc?

25)  Finally, leave me with whatever advice or comments you want to leave me with.

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