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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Love Shack (our first guest blog)

We received this guest blog from Tom, an auctioneer in the California area.  Warning, content is slightly adult.  Tom writes:

I sold a unit last week, a 10x5 to be specific. The unit was hilariously funny as the renter had installed a couch, comfortable chair, a small mirror ball, a television connected to a digital recorder, a small refrigerator and was adorned with cut out pictures of young women, nude of course, in various poses eliciting amorous feelings in any male who sat therein. 

The crowd was mesmerized at the detail of his decorating skills. Black draperies, throw pillows and a small, leopard print runner made this love shack a thing of beauty and awe.

All 56 bidders spent an inordinate amount of time admiring the "Love Shack" as it was truly a work of Southern California art. 

I asked for an opening bid of $200, giggling under my breath. After all, we auctioneers always start high and progressively lower until we hear the starting bell. One admirer yelled "Two hundred!" Everyone looked in amazement and the bidding continued until this brave young man topped out at $375.00!

Upon closer inspection, this astute buyer discovered many hidden treasures under the sofa, behind the black draperies and between the sofa cushions. To most of us, it was "The Love Shack" but to this smart buyer, it was truly El Dorado.....

I am thankful that there were no children at this auction!!! The pictures would make a sailor blush!

I wrote him back and asked him what items of value were in the unit... Tom answered:

The buyer found two antique knives under the sofa cushions. He also found a digital camera in very good shape. (Lord only knows what's on it) There were professional quality handcuffs hanging above the door to the unit (eeks) on a nail, ready for use I guess. He said he found about 40 CD's of various artists. Two very nice stereo's of course. There was a nice neon sign that was plugged in, Coors I think and other things hanging on the wall and above the love nest area. This was all found in just a few minutes before we left and went to the next unit. He was happy, we had a laugh, it was a great Southern California day.

The pictures of the unit are posted here and here.  WARNING- they are explicit and contain nudity and adult themes.  Do not open if you're at work or in front of children!   What's most disturbing to me (Rebecca) about the unit are the pictures of his OWN daughters (presumably) on the same wall as all of the pictures of all of the naked women!   I'm sure Brian isn't disturbed by this unit at all, but I will ask him.   Either way, hope you enjoyed... and Tom, thank you so much for contributing!

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