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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Our week in pictures - week ending September 11, 2011

Here are some pictures from this week!  We have auction tomorrow and a ton of posts that we have half-written, so there is plenty more material coming this week.  This should hold you over until then :)

 Above, you see the worst coupon EVER.  I got this from a local grocery store on the back of a receipt 3 days ago when buying the essentials for auction (peanuts, craisins, lots of gum, and a few extra locks) --  not only did the coupon expire 8 months ago, but it's for only 5 cents off an adult haircut!

 After Monday's ridiculousness of auctions (read Newbie or Not Newbie)...  I went to go get some lunch and popped $20 into a video poker machine (in Louisiana they are in EVERY restaurant and most fast food joints too).   It paid off, because I won $500!  YUUUP!  That's enough for 2 Saints tickets and a locker or two tomorrow!

 Brian and I would like to point out that the new Burger King California Whopper, is like, the most amazing fast food sandwich we have ever had.  Not that we condone eating fast food... sometimes when you are at auction for 8 hours a day you have to get something quickly!  And this is amazing, so you should try it if you eat Burger King.

 Sometimes things just happen for reasons.   It's weird.  A couple of units ago (okay, more like 20 units ago) we found a tenant who had one of Brian's store's business cards from years and years ago.  She must have been a customer, or received a referral from a friend, or whatever.  Crazy, right?  Very ironic.  You should have seen my shock when I realized the cell phone number was one that I recognized (because you know I'm thorough and read every business card I find)...  Anyways, a few weeks ago I found a bunch of business cards for Who Dat Dat'quiris (New Orleans has a Daiquiri shop on every corner, so a Saints themed Daiquiri shop is even better).  I always wanted to try it and put one in my purse but I completely forgot about the place.  Until last week when I desperately needed an ATM on the way to somewhere (auction, maybe)  and remembered the card and the place ended up being 2 blocks from where I was.  I had no idea it was there.  Serendipity!   Serendatquiri?

Our latest approach to Garage Sales, as mentioned previously is to spend $10-$20 on balloons.  We use different colors, try to be eye-catching, whatever... generally the $20 investment brings us an additional $200+, so it's usually a good one.  This week, despite the Saints loss to Green Bay, we still decided to do a Black and Gold theme.  You'll notice that my clothes are color coordinated whenever it's possible! 

 This is what happens when you try to make signs for a Garage Sale at 2am on a Friday night (Saturday morning) after one too many Who Dat Datquiris...   at least I realized my mistake when I went back to add the pictures!

Brian at the garage sale... being... well,   being Brian!

And here's a tip:

StorageHeroes Tip #4:   If you're going to "research" a tenant before an auction, and you don't want to subscribe to a pay site, try Facebook over Google.  Not only does Facebook tend to pull up people who live in your area (where Google goes nationwide first), but it also lets you see photos, job, age, and other information all in one place (if the person's privacy settings are not adjusted).  Also, it lets you see if you have any mutual friends with this person which is VERY important -- you don't want to be advertising items for sale to someone who may pass that on to someone who may want their stuff back and now know where to find you!


  1. Rebecca, that sandwich that you ate at Burger King is considered the worst sandwich (calorie wise) that Burger King sells! I just happen to find this out this morning with my daily "Eat this Not that" email. Today's edition was the 30 worst sandwiches in America! So, don't eat too many of them! LOL

  2. Your blog is awesome! Thanks for sharing.
    (And btw, I think that burger rated poorly because of the fat content in avocados - good, heart healthy fat that most fast food eaters could use.. ;)



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