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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Our Week in Pictures

Bonus post!   I usually don't do more than one in a day (okay, I never do more than one in a day), but we think we're going to be super busy digging the next few days- so I thought you all deserved something to hold you over.

Plus, we have a lot of random pictures we've been snapping this week (last 2-3 weeks really), and not a full blog to go with any of them yet (although we've alluded to a bunch of them in past blogs).  We also have some pictures we've owed ya.

So... here you go!  In Louisiana, what we call a little "Lagniappe"

 A long time ago, we had this super amazing unit that had all kinds of cool stuff.  One of the things it had was a 200th anniversary edition bottom of Jim Beam.  And not just the bottle, it was sealed, and unopened.  In 1996 when it was sold it had been aged something like 90 months.  And the person had saved it all this time!  Good thing it was in a climate controlled storage unit, right?   I sold it a friend of mine, a total alcohol connoisseur, and he was nice enough to let me be around for the big open.  Check out the color on that stuff!  It was beautiful, and tasted pretty good too!  For whiskey! ;)

 As we buy more and more units with clothing in them, I'm finding more and more things my size-- this is one of the first outfits I managed to put together entirely with clothing from a storage unit.  Even the belt!   It's happening more and more lately, in fact- the shirt and yoga pants I'm wearing now were also both from a storage unit.

 These are two tables we have that we've been unable to sell for a little while.  No big deal, just how it goes. I refinished them to try to make them look a little bit better... this is the before picture.  By the way, the table on the right is the infamous $15 "wobbly"  table from the Garage Sale post.

 A picture of me refinishing the table.  Check out my awesome shirt... you'll see a close-up of it in a second.  It says "Southern Belle", describes me perfectly (hello, I use words like "lagniappe") and it's insanely comfortable.  Perfect for wearing out around New Orleans or doing a little work in storage lockers.

 The "after" picture of the black table.  This is also the one the guy said I ruined by painting it.  Whatever.  No one was giving me antique prices for it anyway.  I honestly think it looks a whole lot better.  It's going in my black and white damask room if no one wants it.

 The after picture of the blue/green table.  It's still a little rough looking, but better than it was.  Would be really cute for a kids room or craft room.

 Close-up of my shirt... I promised!   Thanks again so much to my friends at  for sending it to me.  I LOVE it!   They have a lot of other really fun designs too, check them out.  They are affordable and like I said, super super comfortable.

 Speaking of t-shirts... this guy came to a garage sale and I had to snap a photo of this shirt to see if I could find it for Brian later.  This shirt is SO Brian.  Partially because he loves beer, but mostly because he overuses the "who has two thumbs and _____"  expression even more than I do.  It was a bonus though, because this is also the really really creepy dude who I wanted to take a picture of and blog about anyway.   Story time:   Picture this.  You're working a sale, it's 11:30, you have a ton of customers, you're tired but still kind of alert.  You see this "special" person walking up to you, who came from out of nowhere (did not drive, but must live in the neighborhood).   You greet him, he greets you in his special way,  you admire him silently for being able to do so many things on his own.   You're talking to a family with a bunch of small children trying to make a sale, when all of a sudden you see him picking up the biggest butcher knife you have for sale (out of a knife block) and very loudly announce "Gee, this looks like the knife that Michael Meyers used to kill all of the women in my favorite movie!"   You then see him walk over to the family with small children (who's mother does not have enough free arms or enough time to try to get them all over under her arms fast enough) and try to strike up a conversation about Barbies.   Do you a) make him angry while he's still holding the butcher knife  b) take the butcher knife away from him (while the blade is out)  c) say something threatening to him in front of the children or d) distract him by asking him to take a picture of his t-shirt and getting him to put the knife down because it doesn't go in the picture ?    Guess which one I did?   Damn, I'm a genius.  And I got a picture of a cool t-shirt.

 Storage Hunters need to have fun at some point!  We took a break one Friday to take one of my favorite cousins to the Louisiana Children's Museum.  Here's us at the Mister Rogers exhibit, of course, in Mr. Rogers sweaters.  Won't you be our neighbor?

 After baby Brian's ridiculous complaining (his "Purple Heart" blog) about my house and car attacking him (BOTH stationary objects),  I accidentally cut myself on a piece of glass while digging through a unit today.  Only I took mine like a man!

 Another picture of my battle wound

 The 1942 silver dime from our Garage Sale Dollars & Sense blog

 We have a little problem with trash at our warehouse / primary garage sale location.  We put trash out, people dig through it.  We've told them that if something is in the trash, it's in there for a reason, but they still don't care.  We've warned them to be careful, but they still keep digging through.  Don't get me wrong, if someone can use a sweater, or plate, and they don't have one-- I'd love to provide them with one (especially if I'm not going to use it), but a) the stuff we have thrown away is DISGUSTING and that's why it's there, and b) even if they are cold/hungry/whatever enough not to care about the disgusting parts (which I can still understand), rather than just opening the trash and taking what they need, they leave it tossed about like a tornado just went through.  We're in a commercial area and have businesses and churches to the left and right of us, so we can't just have trash all over the parking lot.  If you're going to steal our trash, take the entire trash bag (just like we have to take the entire unit), or at least leave it tidy.

On this particular day, we accidentally dropped a box full of electronics (see picture below for said box), and there were at least 3 coffee pots that shattered.  And a box of tacks (why tacks were in with electronics, I have no idea).  Needless to say, after I swept it up, I had an entire garbage bag of glass and tacks.  Knowing the people are going to go through it (they go through everything), I labelled it with "glass and tacks"  and even skulls and such for those who can't read.   My hope is that they heeded my warning and stayed away, but even if they didn't, a small part of me is kind of relieved because they'll know I mean business next time I label a bag with "glass and tacks".  I'm even thinking of putting the sign on all future garbage bags.

Here's said box.  If the contents of the box were Harry Potter, the box would be Lord Voldemort.  Or Lord Baltimore, if you're someone who doesn't read Harry Potter and all this time thought J.K. Rowling had a problem with Maryland.  *coughBriancough*

Here's a shovel and a hoe that Fred Sanford found on the side of the road last week.  He was all proud so he uploaded a pic to Facebook.  I have to admit, they are good finds.... I just don't know why I had to be tagged as the hoe and Brian got to be tagged as the shovel.

That's it for now!  Have two AWESOME units to dig tomorrow (I am super excited.  We both are!)  Gonna get some rest and hopefully we'll post a step-by-step pictorial of that dig very soon.  Stay tuned!

Rebecca  aka "Gold Digger"

(We all have Storage Hero nicknames.  I'm Gold Digger, because I always find the gold if there is gold to be had (and I do it quickly), Brian is Captain Trashbag, because he throws everything away if we don't stop him first, and Lily is Crockpot Killer, because if there is a crockpot within 20 feet of her in a unit/sale she will find a way to accidentally break it.  Fact.)   Storage Heroes- Saving the World from Storage Units everywhere.  Or something.  Work in progress!


  1. Please tell Brian that The gardening implement next to the shovel is in fact not a hoe, it is a pitch fork. Notice the resemblance to a dinner fork.

  2. I'm actually the one that said it was a hoe. That's a relief! ;)



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