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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Announcing... our book!

We've been planning to write two books for a long time now (virtually since about a week after we started this business)  and the response has been so great to one of them that we're going to go ahead with it!  The book is called "Letters from Storage Lockers"  and we've been working really hard on it for some time now.  There are chapters on all sorts of different subjects- and we've already published five of the letters on this blog -- but there are hundreds more that are waiting to be shared.  We will still keep blogging the best letters here (don't worry) but the book will really go into the back stories and share several letters from each individual so you can really get a feel for their personal journeys.  We're still working with a legal team on whether we can post the actual letter (or whether we need to re-type to spare the names of the innocent, and not so innocent!)  -- I'd love for you guys to be able to read them in their original handwriting (hard as it may be sometimes) but we don't want to get sued over something so stupid and we don't want to violate someone's privacy more than we need to.  Technically the letters are our property (we purchased them, and the owners were given the rights to buy them back but chose not to)-- additionally, we tried to return many of the letters to owners for free via the facilities and were told the individuals did not want them back.  But still, we are exercising the proper amount of caution!

Stay tuned for news on when this book will come to fruition-- first I have to finish compiling it and then we will begin meeting with publishers!  Exciting stuff!

**Letters from Storage Lockers is our name and idea.  This blog is official notice that it's ours and you can't steal it! 

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