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Monday, August 15, 2011

UNBELIEVABLE... Bringing Sexy Back, part 2

The story you are about to read is TRUE.  I couldn't have made this up any better if I had tried!

My previous post (10 minutes ago) was on the auctions we have coming up this week.  As a work habit, I try to research tenants as best as I can before auctions.  It really doesn't make THAT much difference, after all--  it matters more what is physically inside unit, not what the person did for a living...  Because after all --just because they had a 3 carat diamond ring doesn't mean that it's inside the unit, for example..      But still... if for example, the person was in jail for severing heads and storing them in mini-fridges, it would be helpful to know!  So I research (and do a few other things) just to stay ahead of the competition.

Remember my post a few days ago entitled "Bringing Sexy Back"?   where I posted a picture of myself wearing the "SEXY" shirt??

I'm just now spending a few minutes looking up our tenants for tomorrow, and one of them is named Acquanetta (NOT a common name, last time I checked).... and I find her on Facebook.  And in her pictures, is this...

What IS it with this outfit???     I almost want to buy this locker now to see if the 80s shirt is in there, too!  Just as a sociological experiment!

It never amazes me the coincidences one comes across in the storage locker business!

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  1. Good luck in your auctions this week. Can't wait to hear what you all found.



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