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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our First Giveaway... More Bounce to the Ounce!

What is this?  I found this shirt in the warehouse today.  It's from a locker we bought weeks ago and just hadn't finished processing yet.  I'm kind of glad it sat there for awhile, because it made my entire day when I found it a few hours ago.  I'm going to let the pictures of it speak for themselves!

It is a size 3X,  so it will fit just about anyone.  Will work great as a t-shirt, nightgown, dress, gag gift, pillowcase, couch throw, household decoration, or as anything else you might want to use it for!

How to win:  Leave a comment on THIS blog (not any previous entries, and not on facebook), and put your name, a way to get a hold of you, the thing you like best about this blog, and the thing you wish we would write about more or spend more time on.    We'll give it until Friday or Saturday and then will randomly pick one of the commenters as the big winner!  Good Luck!


  1. I Love the idea of a storage auction blog keep up the good work!!! not sure how to leave contact info but I commented with gmail username so u can get ahold of me there :-) love the shirt!

  2. I love all the prison letters...... Very interesting reads! But what I also love how with each locker it's like taking a short walk in someone else's life. By reading I get a chance to see that... And a bonous a 3X is just my size

    Mickey D

  3. Congrats to Mickey D who won the T-shirt! We'll get that out to you sometime this week!



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