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Friday, August 19, 2011

Best... Day... Ever! Fred Sanford, $1000, designer clothing, and Dan Dotson!

Okay... so yesterday was the best day ever and let me tell you why.

On a personal note, first, I found out that my Wheel of Fortune prizes are starting to come this week!  So I should get my first one soon... and it was a surprise, but they've now revealed that it's a package from Omaha Steaks! Yum!  Hopefully Brian doesn't eat it all.

Secondly, I get woken up yesterday morning by Brian, who I'm thinking is about to tell me that we need to go get the rest of the unit we bought day before yesterday  (we'll call it Fashion Unit for future reference)...
but instead, he excitedly informs me that he's found a cedar wardrobe on the side of the road.  Because Brian thinks he's Fred Sanford  (if you're not sure who Fred Sanford is, see below...) he does this 2-3 times a week, but this time he says something that makes my ears perk up.  He tells me that this piece is from a unit that we wanted to buy 3 days ago at the craziest/worst auction ever.   It must have been abandoned at this dumpster (behind Hooters) by the people who won that auction.    I go with him out of curiosity to see this piece, and find that it is indeed a really nice Red Cedar Wardrobe, produced in New Orleans around the 1950s.  The only reason that I can see for it being thrown out is that one side of the wardrobe has a locked door.  I call the company who made it, conveniently located on Royal Street, find out they can make a key for $5, and that the piece is rare and sought-after because they lost the equipment to make it in Hurricane Katrina.  Oh, and one in decent shape is worth over $1000.  Score!   It pays to have a partner who loves the trash!   Fred Sanford's catchphrase, I should point out, is "You Big Dummy!" - which is even more ironic because Brian says that ALL the time.  Even before he realized it was from Sanford and Sons!  Here's Fred Sanford:

Thirdly...  we go dig out Fashion Unit... which is a unit that none of the men wanted to buy because it is all clothing (gasp!)  --- but I saw some fabric rolls that told me maybe it was a designer, and sure enough, it was, and all of her clothing was designer as well!  We're already into at least $2500 of designer clothing... Christian Dior purses, Michael Kors shoes,  DKNY, Lillie Rubin, Betsey Johnson, Trina Turk, they just keep coming and coming!  Link here if you'd like to see what we found and/or bid on it!  Designer Clothing for Sale

Finally (and here's the best part), there's a company called StorageTreasurers that is affiliated with many of the people you see on Storage Wars, they too are based out of California.  They provide a lot of resources for auction buyers like me and Bri and we've been signed up on their site for quite awhile.  You can visit their facebook page here.    Well, a month or so ago they ran a contest inquiring who wanted to have a one-on-one phone conversation with Dan Dotson, of Storage Wars, auctioneer extraordinaire (if you don't know who Dan Dotson is, see below):      I entered... and won!   I got the call last night and it was just announced on their website today!  So, if you get a chance, go to StorageTreasures' facebook page today and watch the video explaining how I was selected as a winner.  I'm super excited!

Now... since I will have a 30 minute conversation with Dan Dotson, I am compiling a list of questions that I already want to ask him.  I'll post them here as soon as I come up with them.  If any of you have any questions you'd like to ask him, feel free to post them here and I'll try to include the best ones!  The phone conversation should take place in the next few days so make sure to get those questions in fast!

That's all for now... Happy Hunting!   I see many more good days like this in our future!

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