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Monday, August 22, 2011

Letters from Storage Lockers #6 "Bust it Baby!"

We find letters in almost every unit we buy.  Sometimes it's notes from kids or teenagers to each other in school, sometimes it's greeting cards, sometimes it's e-mails printed out-- most of the time it's prison letters (those are my favorites, by the way).  We post the best ones here, and we are working on a book entitled Letters from Storage Lockers.   We'll keep you updated on the status of that. 

It's been awhile since we've done a letter, so I used my Sunday evening to read through a stack (I have over 240 of them in a shoebox and in a binder that I need to read) -- you're welcome.  I aim to please.  I'm a giver.   Here's the letter!   We hope you enjoy it!

Remember the "I like dimes, not skeezas"  guy?  This is the same guy! He's writing to his wife from prison.  He's in there for battery.  She's working her butt off at McDonalds and Walmart (manager at both) trying to support their 4 kids.

January 1, 2010

Well Happy New Year!  To all of you.  And that this letter finds you all in good health.  I wish I could have had some of that Christmas dinner you cooked maybe!  just maybe!  you may find it in your heart to fix me a friendly meal; as you would call it, once I'm out of this place.  Times are hard but time is winding down.  I'm just trying to keep my self dry in this place.  The walls and floor is wet due to the cold weather.  And being closed in most of the time.  Yes!  I have learned my lesson.  I'm gettin to old for Drama!  Grey hairs popping all out of my face.  But I have to stay clean shaved.  Also gained a little weight about like I was when I first met you.  All I want is the best for you and the kids.  And by all means I will see to it that you all will be taken care of ones I touch down that's a promise.  No matter who I'm with or who you are with.  Only if you all accept what I have to offer I have a lot that's about to prosper in my life.  God, take a bad situation and turn it out for the better. Old things all old things past away and new things become new.  No matter what we have been through we shared a lot together and learned a lot through it all trials and tribulations only builds us up to be better and stronger.  A a change man God, has delivered me out of a lot of things that was'nt good for me.  I got my life back.  I'm a 100% percent leget and clean as a whistle.  Full of proteins.  Ha! Ha! Ha!  To that Mrs. Cheasi!  You already know!  Holla!

Well as for the kids, ain't no such thing about meeting in a desinated spot for as meeting to get with them. They are not infants.  And another thing, nobody drew no bridges.  I'm the Daddy, they are the children. Them children have'nt even wrote me the only 1 wrote me was Ashley. She was the only one wrote me. Not even Mac.  So what's really go on.  But it's all good.  I tried my best to get them where ever they needed to be.  But it's all good.  Remember I'm the Father regardless to what you and I have been through.  Count it all as Joy!  I appreciate you for handling your business with our kids without my help. You are a strong black woman.  That's what's up.  And congradulations with your job opportunities.  I know you are going to take me for a ride in your charger?

But you know you!  You talk all that, you the one can't keep your hands off.  Throwing it at me.  Yeah! Trying to be slick.  Like when I use to be over.  You bending over in the nude in the closet.  Bust it Baby!  Great, clean, bald and fresh is that right?  That's how I use to like it you already know. Far as me getting a job that's already in the making.  Big dollars.  Did you see our grand daughter yet.  And another thing.  I don't put other people before the kids.  There was times when I was late doing other things to take care of there well beings.  So I ain't trying to hear that.  And you need to stop feeling there head wit that cause when ever you called I came.  Keep it real. I don't have no grudges nor hardship against you.  Yes, I do admit you always did look out for me.  I give you that.  You will make some one a great companion.  I'm so sorry! ! !  It hurts at times that hurted when you said not now or ever.  I never knew I was that bad.  Everything I do now make sense.  I would do anything for you and the kids.  Why am I not envited in your house hold I'm not and can't get in any more trouble.  I'm not getting younger.  Thank you for all the good times we shared.  You (and the kids!)  me and my mother.  I see you keep her in your heart.  I miss my mother and father dearly.  So just bear with me.  Only if you knew my pain!  You could never imagine loosing all the ones you love including you. I'm a loner.  Always as been.  I never ment to hurt you in any way.  But you ran away from me.  What was I suppose to do.  I'll always have you in my heart.  It hurts so bad, I'm settingi well standing here listening to love sounds Anthony Hamiton, Just went off.  Now Jagged Edge, is on.  What Madea, said don't listen to the radio.  If you find it in your heart just feel me.  Our heart's don't lie.  It's not what goes in.  It's what's comes out that defiles us.  Words of a Godly man.  I've been preaching the word.  I can't go back.  God, as been tremendous blessings to me.  Digest all that I have written.  Tell the kids that I love them and miss them.  And send me some pictures please!  Did everyone get what they needed for Christmas.  By the way what did they all get.  Tell them I owe them big time I got them this time

So how is your Love life.  He must of was trying to play you like I told you it was all a game.  Or he could'nt handle the Lootie.  Ha! Ha! Ha!  laugh at that like you say [my full name] if theres another he has to be a phony.  So you be strong and of good courage you and the kids.  Keep in touch.  We are not strangers I don't want any trouble.  What goes on with you and I that's between the two of us.  We do have a history regardless to what Life is to short for us to live it sad.  We learn from the bad.  We live by grace and mercy.  Let God heal all family tides.  Sometimes we have to decide to lose our pride.  Let's use our Bad for testimonies.  We all shall pray together for one another at all times. God, is good.  God is great.  I send healings and blessings to you all in the name of Jesus!  So accept all that I have sad you and the kids have my Love and blessings.  Honest to God, you may not believe it but I'm a changed man.  It's time for me to be the man that God, called me to be that's what's up with me.  Not just because I'm in Jail.  I don't live like this I'm not cut out for it.  OH!  You know I'm about to be an uncle again Netta, is due in this month sometime and Shawan, is pregnant also.  So thats all blessings.  This is the end of this letter but never the end of my Love for you all. I  send my Love with lot's of Hugs and kisses.  Be blessed and Stay sweet.

Love always,

Mr. [Full name]


  1. Hey! Nice blog, you guys seem fun. How do you find out about upcoming storage auctions? If you haven't seen it yet, my company has a really useful storage auction directory (the largest of its kind) that makes it easy to find auctions and even to tell your Facebook friends about them:

    Let me know if you like it or if you'd change anything. Totally free to browse or list auctions. :)

  2. Thanks, Rachel! We think we're fun too! We look in the newspapers primarily (or in New Orleans the newspaper posts online)... We are signed up for a bunch of mailing lists, and we also find Storage Treasures useful in a pinch. I will definitely try out your site, thanks for the tip!

  3. Rachel- just looked at the site... unfortunately the only auction listings that are popping up are in Baton Rouge, which is a good 80 miles away from me! But hopefully there will be more added in the future. I LOVE the feature about "where to sell your stuff!" Great idea, and keep it coming!



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