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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Letters From Storage Lockers #4 (Beat that *%^&* up)

Warning:  This letter is very sexually explicit.  If that doesn't bother you, read on.   I still will partially censor some of the words b/c I don't have an adult blogger page and I don't want to get kicked off.

This is from Mike to his wife Jennifer.  He's been in jail for about 9 months for substance abuse.  He writes her every day, sometimes 2x a day.

November 16, 2005

Hey sweetie,
How you doing?  I'm feeling like shit today, well I was earlier.  I was sick to my stomach & my bones were achy.  The head nurse gave me some motrin ?  and told me go lay down.  I was sleeping for about two hours, then I woke up sweeting bullets. I got up & folded my clothes that was drying then I went eat lunch. I barly eat anything, I still feel like throwing up somewhat.  I do feel a lot better now.  I'm just waitting for my next meeting to start at 1:30pm.  I got my own room today so now I can think of you more :)  if you get the picture.  I don't have to go in the shower or bathroom anymore :)   I miss you so much I cann't wait until next week to put my meat down.  I'm so f***ing horney its hurting just thinking about it.  So how are things around the house, are you finish picking & cleaning your parents house yet I hope you called Mr. K for me sometime this week.  I'll talk to him Saturday night.  I feel weak as hell rite now, my body still hurts a little but I'm fine.  Don't worry your pretty lil self about me,  I'm doing just fine.  I'm going to hurt that pus** and a$$ when I get home Wed.  Find a babysitter for at least one nite so we an bless the whole house again.  I'm telling you that you're in for a big surprise wait & see.  I'm going to put you out of comission for a few days.  Just f*** around and think I'm just playing with you.  I'm going to beat that pus** up, beat that pus** up, beat that pus** up.  Then I'll love you tender after that.  Well, my meeting is fixing to start so I close for now boo.  I love you dearly.  Bye for now.

I   L <3 O <3 V <3 E <3  Y <3 O <3 U <3

All of me to you,
Michael '05


  1. WOW someone needs to work on their grammar : )

  2. I'm not sure what he is wanting to beat up. I know a lot of five letter words that start with 'pus'.



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