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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mystery awaits

It's very rare that we buy a unit and don't immediately dig through it.   It's even more rare that we buy a unit and hardly have time to go briefly through it.    I think, in fact, today is the first time that has ever happened.   Besides still being confused by the difference between New Orleans and Los Angeles time, we also were in a hurry to get to another auction, and in the middle of a pouring down rain situation.

But, dear readers, this puts you at an amazing advantage- because it gives you an opportunity to guess "what's inside" !

I've posted two pictures... one of the unit before we took anything out (minus a small bicycle, which we had already sold even before we paid for the unit, that's a story for another day) -- and another one of me kind of rummaging through (I was able to take a brief look for less than 5 minutes... was mainly looking for  things that smelled so we could get them out before the next time we visited, and super obvious valuables-- I found neither, but that's not to say they aren't there).   So, here are the pictures... feel free to post what you think is inside!   And don't say "clothing" or "kitchen items" -- that's super vague and obvious and going to be a winner....  be specific about what types / sizes of clothing, who you think this unit belonged to, and exactly what types of things are inside, and we'll tell you if you are correct later this week!

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