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Friday, August 5, 2011

Snake in the Grass... I mean, locker

 Today we're at auction and one of our top rivals/competitors buys a unit for $2500.   The price seemed ridiculously steep (there was a bunch of furniture in the unit, but nothing THAT spectacular, at least to us, anyway)--  but I was told the buyer previously committed to pay $3700 for it last month but the owner paid up the past due amount before she could actually complete the transaction.  That's neither here or there.  The entire time she's bidding, the other guys are saying comments like "don't spend all your money"  and "do you think there's going to be a snake in this one?"  -- and I understand the taunting (they do it to everyone) but I didn't understand what a "snake" was.... some new lingo or slang, maybe?   Some kind of code word for a hot new auction find?  I was really tired and too busy trying to make my own money to really pay attention to it (not to mention, today was a CRAZY day at auction-- plenty of stories for later).

Plus, we were out of town last week (in Los Angeles for Wheel of Fortune)--  so we missed a slew of auctions at some of the biggest storage centers (because it was the end of the month).   I just figured I missed a few inside jokes or something.

And then today... I see this ad on Craigslist, that was posted today, AFTER we were at auction:

To whomever purchased Public Storage unit #625 from Public Storage on Carrollton Ave on July 28, 2011, I'm sure you have noticed my pet snake and I am humbly asking that you please contact me so I can have her back. I know not many people want to try to care for a snake they didn't raise, so if you have not taken her to the zoo or the spca (PLEASE DO NOT RELEASE HER INTO THE WILD; SHE IS DOMESTICATED AND CANNOT SURVIVE), PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE contact me so that I may have my pet back. I know that you are the rightful owner of everything in the storage unit, so you really don't have to help me at all, but I'm sure you can tell by the other items inside the unit that I took care of them. I have been living in my car and struggling to pay my storage bill for 8 months. The snake (and the terrarium) were in the car with me until I needed some room for bags when I traveled to visit my mother. When I returned, I didn't have the money to pay my storage, so I could not get inside the gate to get her out of the storage. PLEASE... you have EVERYTHING I OWN (including the only pictures I have of my mother and grandmother, as well as the certificate I received from the International School for Humanities & Social Sciences in the Netherlands), if you still have my pet, I am asking if I can have her back. If you do not have her anymore, PLEASE let me know where I can get her. I love my pet, and am afraid that whoever has her will release her or something bad will happen because people are afraid of her. Thank you. 

 Totally makes the snake comments make sense!  I guess she must have bought the unit last Thursday when we were in LA-- found the snake, made a huge deal about it to where everyone knew about it, and they were still teasing her unmercifully about it even a week later.   Oh, and don't worry- I'm sure she hasn't seen this Craigslist ad because it was just posted a few hours ago, but I will TOTALLY get it to her!   I feel super sorry for the guy who lost his pet (although it is RIDICULOUS to keep any living thing in a storage unit)...  but you have to admit, this entire situation is HILARIOUS!

Oh, the crazy things that happen in this business!

PS - Storage Hero Tip #2:    If you ever lose a storage unit (which should never happen to you if you know us / read this blog)...  please know that the buyer of your unit only has 24-48 hours to clean out the unit.   Putting an ad on Craigslist or calling the unit 9 days later usually is too late.  Not trying to be cruel, just being completely honest!  Don't lose your stuff, but if you do, take greater measures to save it!

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