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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bringing SEXY back

Update on the lockers from the other day where we asked you to guess what was inside:  
Halfway through the dig...  here's what we have so far:

Men's clothing, Rocawear, Doughboy, etc...  size 4X
Woman's clothing,  Baby Phat, NY&C, and some good brands but also some very questionable brands (see photos), size M.   I am a size small/medium so I am super excited about this.  I've already kept about 10 pieces for myself!
Woman's shoes size 6
Boy's clothing ...  baby clothing, toddler clothing, and some little kid clothing as well

Games... a Wheel of Fortune handheld game that you plug into the TV (what are the odds considering I was just a Wheel of Fortune contestant a week ago)...  and another one that is Bejeweled Blitz.  A few DS games.

Microwaves, dressers, a few end tables, a coffee table, and assorted kitchen wear.  3 Mattresses, still wrapped in the shrink wrap.
An adult bicycle and a kids bicycle, both Mongoose brands.
Some purses and costume jewelry.

Lots of fake hair (that's a super common item)... and this lady was actually a hairdresser, I believe, because she has foils and chemicals and rollers and things like that to go with it.

Also, story on the family---  Mother, Dad and Baby Boy moved here from Atlanta after Mom was prosecuted for Forgery & 2nd Degree Burglary.  Basically as I understand it, she was breaking into people's homes, stealing their jewelry and checkbooks, and then writing checks to HERSELF (not to "cash").  Dummy!   Oh, and after she moved here she did it again in Jefferson Parish.

Nothing else yet inside the unit, but stay tuned!  I still have about 7 boxes and about 12 bags to open.

And with that, I present you with the 2 most interesting articles of clothing in the unit (so far):

 Who wears this??  Would you?

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